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Thursday, December 3, 2009

December 3, 2009-"Mom, you have a lot of friends" and “I said ouch!”

I forgot to give John his medicine for a couple of days over thanksgiving break. He has had a really bad weak. I don’t think that will ever happen again. It isn’t worth it. He has been fighting school and saying he has a headache (his new “I’m sick” routine.) He almost had the school nurse calling me. I told her to check with Suzette (his YCAP teacher) first. He ended up in YCAP that day. He told me this morning, “I hate school!” (So what else is new.)  I asked what he didn’t like about school. He said, “I hate doing subjects!” I was a little confused by that one so I asked him which subject he didn’t like. He answered, “Science. I hate science.” I was surprised by that one. I prompted, “You like, Sid the _______” he filled in, “Science Kid!” I told him, “Sid does Science all the time. That is what it is about. Everything he does is Science. He listens to his teacher and then he does science.” John didn’t say anything. He just looked thoughtful.  I'm not totally sure he was listening.

People have been saying hi to John a lot (as always) but now he answers back and asks them how they know him. They usually answer that they have known him a long time and know me (because it is usually women at church who say hi to him.) He told me with a sigh the other day, “Mom, you have a lot of friends.”

Daniel has been doing great as always. At his MRI when we went into the prep room Daniel said matter of factly, “I get poke.” So he is beginning to recognize the place. The people there are beginning to recognize us as well. As they were inserting the IV Daniel whined, “Ow, Ow,” (poor baby) When they finished, (which was really quickly) he looked at me accusingly and said, “I said ouch!” (like I was suppose to stop it) I gave him a hug, but now I just laugh every time I think about it. He is so cute!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 20, 2009-Daniel's MRI #4

Daniel's MRI #4 was today. The cyst has grown a little bit, not as much as the last time. We now have a major decision. Either go ahead and do the biopsy or wait six months and have another MRI. The doctor recommends the biopsy because there is the possibility of it not being a cyst and Daniel could need other treatments but says there is no right answer.

November 19, 2009-John got his pillow pet

John got his pillow pet finally this week. It is a frog. He has carried it everywhere. He and Daniel had there 6 months dental cleaning yesterday. They brought their pillow pets with them. A lady sitting on a couch as we were leaving the building asked to see them. She said her grandson wanted one and she was thinking about it for christmas.

Monday, November 16, 2009

November 12, 2009-Daniel earned his pillow pet

Daniel earned his pillow pet this last week. He was so-o-o excited. He got a bumble bee. When we opened the box he pulled it out and danced around and said and laughed excitedly. If you have ever seen and excited kid on America's Funniest Home videos, that was him.

John is totally envious. He wants his own pillow pet and has also earned it but he kept picking ones that were out of stock so we couldn't order it. He finally decided on a frog and will be getting his in the next week. John has been trying to take over Daniel's bumble bee. Daniel has been wonderful about sharing with John and John understands that it belongs to Daniel so when Daniel says no he is okay with it though I don't think Daniel has actually said no. I have had to tell John, "No, you cannot take it too school! It belongs to Daniel and besides it is too big." I don't know how I am going to tell him that he can't take his own to school. I asked Daniel what he was going to name his bee. He said, "Bzzz". So I said, "Buzz?" He said, "No, Bzzz," but it has ended up being Buzz and it works.

I was worried that once Daniel got his pillow pet he would not use the toilet anymore, but I put up another chart and he is doing really well. Wohoo! One kid pretty much potty trained and John well on his way. They both are having trouble staying dry at night, other then that they go in the toilet. Yipee!!! I have been potty training FOREVER! I am so glad to have success.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 5, 2009 "I Quit!"

John has had his ups and downs this week. He has a new way of acting out. He stomps his foot or slams something down and yells, “I quit!” and then leaves the room. I have been a little stunned by it, but it is kind of funny at the same time. I wonder where he learned this behavior. I don’t recall seeing it on TV anywhere, but then I don’t watch as much as he does. I’ll have to ask around. He later will come back and apologize and give a hug. He is much better able to get himself under control when he has lost it.

He has also been in the regular second grade classroom for the past week or so instead of YCAP. I guess after having a parent teacher conference she realized that the excuse that my staff was cut and I don’t have someone to send with him wasn’t actually legal. I didn’t actually figure that out for a couple of days. I understood that John takes up too much of the classroom aide’s time and that the YCAP staff was cut. I just mentioned that maybe I needed to call an ARD meeting and ask for a shadow for him. I was kind of thinking about it when I decided to call my advocate and ask if it was legal for them not to have him in the regular Ed classroom just because they didn’t have the staff. While the advocate people were discussing his case, I was told that he was in the regular Ed classroom with an aide. So…now I have an appointment downtown with the advocate for a problem that doesn’t really exist anymore. I guess I will just have to ask anyway.

Daniel is doing great. I have sort of put him on the Feingold diet. That is…not giving him anything with artificial flavors, colorings and a few of the preservatives. Even your dad says he is calmer and not as hyper. I had asked him if it was worth it because it is hard to find food that doesn’t have the artificial stuff, especially cereal that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. And as you know, Daniel lives on cereal. The good part is that I don’t have to worry about Kool-Aid or juice or anything like that because he doesn’t drink that kind of stuff anyway. The Halloween candy had Daniel jumping (not just bouncing) off the walls. I got a call on Tuesday from his teacher telling me he had a great day. I think it was because Monday was probably really bad as all the junk hadn’t gotten out of his system yet. I am not totally strict at the diet, but it seems he can tolerate a little bit. The next step would be to remove milk. I’ve done that before. I just used the rice milk instead, remember? I’m not ready for that yet though. I am still adjusting to your dad’s stuff.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October 24, 2009 Houston Walk for Autism

John has struggled this week. I think he has been a little sick. He hasn’t run a fever but he has been really off and complaining that he doesn’t feel well. He wouldn’t do his part in the primary program although during the practices he did great. I think he just wasn’t feeling well at church that day. He had a bad day at school as well. He wouldn’t complete his work so the bus had to leave without him and come back and get him later. It was to teach him the bus would actually leave. His YCAP teacher has been getting him to do his work at the end of the day by telling him the bus was about to leave. She said he would get a lot done in the last ten minutes of class time. I’m guessing he decided to see if it really would leave. It did. His teacher called me to tell me John would be late. He got home at about 5 minutes to 5 pm instead of at 4. He was just in time to go to Karate. His class starts at 5. What was amazing is he did great at Karate and the rest of the night. He is such an unpredictable kid. They asked us to do Karate with the kids. I had to split my time between John and Daniel. They loved having me in there though and I was able to help Daniel get the correct arms when doing their Kata. He forgets to switch arms when they turn around.

Speaking of Daniel…He has had a great week. I took him with me to the autism walk. Daniel walked the whole 2 miles. He jumped in the bouncy and took pictures with some mascots. Then we walked back to the car. We had a couple of rows left and his head and shoulders drooped and he said, “I tired. I not walk anymore.” I didn’t get a picture of that, but I did ask him to act tired and that is what the attached picture is. It wasn’t as cute as when he actually did it. He closed his eyes to go to sleep when I asked him to act tired. I couldn’t get him to understand what I wanted, so I just took the picture. It is really cute anyway.

It is the end of October so Daniel got to take a pumpkin to school. He was really excited. I forgot I needed to get a pumpkin so I went to Kroger late Tuesday night to pick one up. They were all really big. I found the smallest one I could. Daniel looked so cute carrying it. I should have taken a picture of him with it, but didn’t think of it till just now. He was like, “heavy”. Today I sent him with a lunch box because, according to his aide, there is nothing on the lunch menu he likes. He was thrilled. He is so funny about being excited about everything. Admitted, I have been using a lunch box to send John’s snack everyday and Daniel has been asking for one so I guess he was happy to get what he wanted. I just hope the water bottle I sent doesn’t leak all over the place.

Did I tell you John got his Bobcat badge? He won’t wear his uniform, but he earned the badge just before last pack meeting. I am using his scout book as homework for him. I am pretty inconsistent because I am gone a lot, but we are well on the way to wolf. It took me a long time to figure out how to get him to do stuff, but the amazing thing is, he is enjoying it. We talked about how to stop the spread of colds and what to do with a small cut. I asked about a big cut and taught him to get help with that. He got it. I was surprised he was listening to me. He has been brushing his teeth every night for the past couple of weeks. I guess that tooth pulling really made an impression. The funny thing is, he uses a new toothbrush every time he brushes. I have run out of new tooth brushes, but he found the astronaut spin brush and has settled on that for the last couple of nights. He and Daniel have been great about brushing their teeth. Maybe I should have Mark and Eric get a tooth pulled. I wonder what would work for bathing on Mark and Eric. John has decided he likes showers as well. Go figure.

October 22, 2009 all the consonants were there

I figured out how to calm the fighting between Mark and John. I made a schedule for the computer and things have calmed down a bit.

John, as always, is and up and down ride. He is still much more social. He was asking the girls in his class to kiss him on the cheek on Sunday. I asked his YCAP teacher to write a social story about that to teach him that is inappropriate. I told him but I don’t know if is sunk in. He loves that he earned his Bobcat in Cub Scouts. I finally figured out how to teach him each line of the promise and the law. He did really well with a little resistance as the things he had to recite got longer, but he was and is real proud of himself for learning it. I had him learn one line a day. He had to repeat it 3 times before I would say his "homework" was done. He is going pretty well at Cub Scouts now. I can’t leave him by himself, but he is staying in the room now and even answering questions occasionally. He had a little fun at school yesterday. They make him try everything on his lunch tray. If he doesn’t eat a little bit, they make him eat the whole thing back in the room. Apparently he made a huge mess so they had to give him a shower and in doing so found his cradle cap (the gunk on his head that I’ve been trying to get rid of since he was a baby.) His YCAP teacher scrubbed his head til it was gone. I have tried and tried and nothing I did worked. He is finally cradle cap free. Wohoo! AND, AND, AND he is using the upstairs toilet! I found him in there this morning when I went upstairs to wake him up. I think, as long as he isn’t sick, he MIGHT not use the carpet anymore. He just needs to stay healthy long enough to make it a really good habit. He does really well as long as he isn’t sick or overly tired.

On to Daniel, sweet as ever. His allergies are really bad right now. He is sooo stuffed up and licking his nose and picking it and yes, gross as it is, eating it. We’re trying to break him of that habit but it is really hard with Daniel to teach him stuff like that. He is doing great with the potty training as well. He still needs a pull up at night because he doesn’t stay dry while he sleeps, but day time is great. He really wants that pillow pet. What am I going to use to keep him on track once he earns it? Both John and Daniel are about half way to their pillow pets. Daniel’s speech is growing by leaps and bounds. He still isn’t at seven but I think he is getting above 3 years old now. He uses sentences almost all the time. (Do any of us always use full sentences?) Rob asked him to get something off the table for him. When he brought it back your dad asked him what it was and Daniel answered clear as day, magnifying glass. Rob was astounded, all the consonants were there and he actually knew what it was.

October 15, 2009 The Good and the Bad

John had a filling fall out and couldn’t eat so last Friday we had an emergency visit to the dentist. His dentist wasn’t available so I took him to our dentist. He did fantastic. Dr. Long pulled his tooth. John didn’t like it, but he put up with it. It was a baby tooth. The problem was the x-ray only showed half the tooth. The half they could see looked like the root was mostly gone so they thought it wouldn’t be too bad, but the root they couldn’t see was still really long. Dr. Long didn’t want to give him to much Novocain for fear that he would chew his tongue and cheek, so John went through a lot, but he took it really well. I think he didn’t like not being able to eat.

I have gotten Daniel to go #2 in the potty!!!!! I finally found a way to entice him. He asked me for a new thing on TV called a pillow pet. He actually said…”Mom, I wanna Pillow Pet.” At first I thought, Christmas present, but then I thought, what if I use a sticker chart. Will he understand it? I thought I would try since John had just earned a DS, I thought Daniel might get it. So I showed him the chart and explained about going in the toilet and getting a sticker. When he gets 20, he gets a pillow pet. He got it! Whoot! A couple of days latter he came dancing into my room, (naked of course) “Mom, I go poop in potty!” I gave him a sticker of course. He hasn’t been perfect. He is still forgetting, but he has 6 stickers!!!! In about a week and a half. That is so great. The last chart had 2 stickers after 3 years! (I threw it away about 4 months ago.) I finely found an enticement that will work for him. I’ve been racking my brain for years and he finally came to me and asked for something and its working. John is following suite. He has been doing pretty well also. He decided he wanted a pillow pet as well. It will be interesting when the time comes in a couple of weeks.

So, things are going good (potty training) and things are going bad (cavities and teeth being pulled) and things are crazy as usual.

October 1, 2009 2 fun Daniel Stories

John is doing okay. We had a couple of problems the last couple of days with peeing on the floor. I thought we had that down, but I guess I’m not paying enough attention. I can usually spot when he needs to go. He has started having problems at night. He does pretty well in the day time, but at night or first thing in the morning he still goes in the hall. As far as #2, he is doing really well. Not perfect, but really well. He is on a new medicine that helps him be less constipated. He says, “I like poop medicine! It makes the poop come out easier.” He doesn’t resist going to the restroom hardly at all anymore. I just have to keep reminding him that he needs to go when he starts the potty dance or wiggle. No more potty battles! Woohoo! Both he and Daniel take care of the underwear/pull up and I just clean them off. Your Dad, put Paul’s old dresser in our room and it has all the clothes and pull ups so they dress themselves pretty much except first thing in the morning. I still get out their clothes for school.

On to Daniel…He is doing great. He is reading well for him, considering his lack of vocabulary. I think it is actually helping him learn new words and speak in sentences. His teacher sends home books at his level each week. He does a pretty good job of reading them but still won’t sound out words. If he is unsure he just won’t read it. Once he knows what it is though, it is in there for good. Of course, some words I can’t tell if he is reading them right because he still leaves off consenents and mumbles.

Daniel's next MRI is on November 20th, so until then, we won’t know anymore about his cyst. Hopefully the cyst will not have grown or will have shrunk on the next MRI. We’ll have to wait and see.

Okay…Fun Daniel stories.

#1 We were assigned to clean the church last Saturday. Mark had a merit badge fair so he couldn’t help. Eric chose to clean so he was there. I brought John and Daniel. John, Daniel and I were assigned cleaning the windows in the doors. John managed to clean a couple of windows, but Daniel helped me do all of the windows in the doors. When we completed that I thought we should try to clean the white part of the doors. We started at the ones in the rear of the building. I sprayed the bottom and asked him to wipe it. I started wiping it, looked at the black scuff marks, looked at me and said, “It dirt!” (it, not its) then got up and walked away. I wish everyone could see the look on his face. I’ve been laughing to myself ever since. (Just in case you don’t get it. He didn’t understand that we were cleaning the dirt of the windows.)

#2 Before church on Sunday we were discussing how Mark was going to do Fast offereings. Rob was leaving for Washington and said, “I can’t drive, I have to pack.” I said that I suppose I could, but I really don’t want too. I have been sick and I had done to much cleaning at the church and wasn’t up to par yet. Daniel pipes up and says, “I can drive.” Your Dad said, “Yes, you can drive Mario Kart can’t you.” We all giggled. In the end the parent of Mark's partner drove the route.

September 17, 2009 “When I grow up, I want to be just like you.”

It is a quiet week except for the sniffles and coughs around here. Eric and Mark sound a little better and Daniel’s nose isn’t quite as read as it was so I think people are starting to get better. Daniel stayed home for Monday and Tuesday, Monday for the dripping nose and Tuesday because he got the runs Monday night, but he is happy to be back on the bus to school. Rob has been home though. He said it had to do with something about swine flu and not going in when you have flu like symptoms.

John and I had a big fight at little gym. I had to spank him a few times because he wanted to run out to the car across the parking lot and when I held him he hit me. I have been kind of half waiting for CPS, but so far no one has showed up so I guess no one there was offended.

John told your dad the other day, “When I grow up, I want to be just like you.” Then he started spouting off the advertisement for “the perfect brownie pan”. Who knows if John really meant it or if he was just quoting something he heard. He is funny.

Daniel has been giving some really good sentences. I wish I could remember one, but I can’t now .  He had his seventh birthday.

September 10, 2009 John and Mark spend their afternoons fighting over the computer

John and Mark spend their afternoons fighting over the computer. Mark is watching reruns of Numb3rs on the internet now. It has a really slow download which is frustrating him to no end, not to mention John constantly asking for a Nintendo download. He would be a lot better off if he could figure out a way for John to “earn” the download. His dad told John not to mention it again until Friday and THEN he would consider it.

John is doing better except for the download thing. We have the game he wants on another computer simulator so Mark is saying no. The one saving grace is that John has been using the toilet quite a bit. His medicine is helping him with that. He also told me on Tuesday after I gave him a shower, “I am not afraid of showers anymore. I like water. I am going to take a shower again tomorrow.” I told him I hoped he would learn to take a shower all by himself sometime. He answered, “I am going to take a shower upstairs all by myself.” He then talked about how upstairs had a shower curtain and I explained why showers have curtains or doors. He didn’t actually take the shower, but just the thought of him being able too has lifted my spirits.

Daniel is doing great. He has the sniffles right now but no fever so I think his allergies are beginning to get to him. He is enjoying Karate at Little Gym. Even John went nicely this week. After weeks of having to fight, it was really nice.

September 3, 2009 John is using toilet most of the time. Yahoo!!!

John is finally understanding that I am not going to blockbuster all the time and he can’t have friends over every day. His friend Michael came over on Saturday but didn’t stay long because our house “smelled funny/bad”. I don’t blame him. Michael’s Mom had gone to the hospital the night before with appendicitis and was having it removed while he was at our house. I think he was a little worried. A nice side note is that John is going in the toilet most of the time. Yahoo!!! He has 4 more stickers to a new game and can hardly wait. Of course, once he gets a game, the empty sheet will be overwhelming and it will take a while for another one to fill up. I don’t know how to fix that yet. He has a second sheet for staying clean and dry. It has 4 stickers on it. I am hoping by the time he gets the game for the 1st sheet that the second sheet will be full enough that it will motivate him to keep trying.

Daniel is his spinny happy self. We are still struggling with getting him to turn off qubo and go to bed, but since we are doing a lot better on scriptures and he seems a lot more tired in the evening, he is slowly going to bed a little earlier each night (as long as I am home and send him to bed. Why won’t his dad or Mark and Eric do that? I have never understood that.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 27, 2009 I even had to call John's teacher last night because he went berserk

Chris and Rob are gone and school has started. It is quiet when I am at home, but I have been busy running here and there. Mostly, I’m wiped out because John has gone off the deep end. He has discovered that you can invite friends over and he wants them here NOW!!!! Problem is, I don’t know these people or their parents and have no way of contacting them. He also can’t decide which friend he wants to come over on Saturday. Blockbuster is another big fight. I wish I had never told him about that. He has been screaming for 5 day the whole time he is at home and at school he has had to go back to YCAP because he is acting up in class. I even had to call his teacher last night because he went berserk. She talked to him on the phone and he calmed down. I asked her afterward how she could get him to talk to her; all he does with me is scream at me more. She said, “Your Mom.”

Daniel is disconnected at school but doing fine. He saw how to make rainbows on PBS and has been trying ever since. We can’t seem to get it to work. Mark said he knew how to do it, but so far, no good, but Daniel is happy to have a flashlight and keep trying. He is still freezing tons of water in plastic containers in the fridge. I caught him filling up 5 bowls yesterday. (Smile, silly kid)

Mark doesn’t much like getting up and really doesn’t like the homework that has already begun, but he has started to go to bed earlier. Unfortunately, there is a new channel called qubo or something like that. It has vegietale’s penguins on at 9 pm and then anther show Daniel loves at 9:30. I can’t get anyone to go to bed and everyone is mad at Daniel for confiscating the TV at that time. Mark got him watching it over the summer and now I wonder how I will ever get Daniel to bed at a decent time.

Eric is busy with band. He is upset because they are doing tennis at scouts but he has to do band on Wednesdays. He is hoping to be able to attend next week though. He has a list of stuff for me to buy, but I am so unused to this schedule I can’t seem to wake up enough to buy it. I have to take him to seminary. Since you Paul started driving, I actually have finally begun to get good sleep about the time Rob leaves for work. Now what do I do? I have to get up to. (I am actually laughing at myself) I’ll figure it out, I am sure.

I’ve been walking Daniel to school because, once again, I didn’t sign the bus papers. He should be on a bus either tomorrow or Monday. It has gotten me started exercising again. I am glad. It won’t last long, because someone (probably me) will get sick soon, but in the mean time…I walk.

John is dieing to talk to Chris on aim, but apparently, Chris didn’t have the right equipment to get on line at school, so Rob ran out and got the wireless whatever he needed. Hopefully, Chris will be on tonight. I think Chris leaving is why John is having so much trouble. He says, “I really want to talk to Chris!”
Chris was his roomy after all.. I am glad Chris chose to spend some time at college before going on a mission to wean John. I would hate to think what John would be like if he couldn’t talk to Chris.
I have a lot of work to do for the next book club meeting as it will have to be at my house because no one else volunteered and I have got Cub Scout pack meeting coming up with all the awards from day camp. I am going to be very busy over the next couple of weeks. Scratch that, I am ALWAYS busy. I just KNOW ahead of time this next couple of weeks.

August 20, 2009 Daniel’s MRI went fine

Daniel’s MRI went fine. The neurosurgeon said that it really looks like a cyst (think blister, fluid filled, as opposed to wart, tissue). The cyst is definitely growing, but he said cysts have been known to fluctuate in size, so we wait another 3 months for another MRI. Your dad is not as upset about one in 3 months this time. He didn’t want to spend the money (about $400) on this one, but it sure has relieved my stress. How? You ask. I knew from Daniel’s pediatrician’s report that the cyst was growing, so I could as the questions that were driving me crazy. Even thought the cyst is bigger, it is not growing across the drainage from the ventricle, but growing up into the ventricle giving it a lot more space and far less chance of causing problems for (according to the doctor) about another year assuming it continues to grow. If in November, the cyst is bigger, we will do a biopsy which will (I don’t know the correct verb) pop the cyst and let it drain out. It will probably continue to drain the same way regular brain fluid does. The neurosurgeon says it is a common operation for him. Fact is, he did an emergency one right before our appointment. He also answered my burning question; it will take about a week for Daniel to recover enough to go to school. Daniel needs to be where he can get a lot more language, so, phew!

My stress level has gone down so fast that I am and emotional mess. It won’t stay down for long, school is starting. Daniel has John’s first grade teacherr. John didn’t remember her until I showed a picture on the computer. Then he said, “From 2006 and 2007.” I was astounded. He knew exactly what years he had her for a teacher. I have to work hard to figure that out. At Daniel's school he saw his Kindergarten teacher and went right up to her and hugged her and talked to her. He did the same with the 1st grad teache and the nurse. They were really happy that he was talking to them. Then we headed over to John's school and he met his second grade teacher. He met a friend named Michael and has been bugging me all morning to have him come over to visit. I keep telling him I am too busy today. It is go to the Jr. High and get Mark’s stuff day, so I can’t, not to mention I don’t have a way of contacting Michael. John has learned to invite people over. I was floored on Sunday when he went up to a friend from pre-school and got in his face (because Noah was talking too much and wouldn’t pay attention to John) and said, “I want you to come to my house tomorrow!” He has never invited someone to our house. To bad he didn’t think to ask me first, I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday that got in the way, but I had Noah come over on Tuesday. Since Noah has PDD-NOS they did a lot of playing next to each other and taking turns. Noah enjoyed that John was speaking to him (he remembered when John wouldn’t talk to him at all) and playing and so did John. It was pretty fun.

I’m looking forward Rob getting Chris off to college. His stress level will drop after that and things will be a lot nicer here assuming John can handle loosing his roomy and Daniel can deal with his brother leaving. He was too young when Paul left to really understand what was happening.

Speaking of Daniel, he freaked out at Fielder yesterday. His friend, Haley, came running at him full force and gave him a huge hug and scared the heebie-jeebies out of him. He cried and hung on to me for about ten minutes. I have never seen him act like that. We had to walk around the school with our arms around each other. It was very bizarre. John was fine and Daniel was freaking out. It is usually the opposite. We visited Daniel's kindergarten teacher so he would feel more comfortable and he did better after that. He is in the same room as he was last year, just with a different teacher.

I have been a laughing at the fact that I have 4 kids in 4 different schools, when I realized that BYU is considered a school and I have 5 kids in 5 different schools. But now I just realized that you could consider a mission a type of school, (I am sure there is a lot of learning) and I have 6 kids in 6 different schools. The really funny part, the 4 kids here at home all have new principles this year. How strange is that? Life can sure throw some strange things at you. It keeps it interesting. I have to say I haven’t been bored in a really long time.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

August 13, 2009

This week has been much, much better. John’s psychiatrist added some meds, one for constipation, one for behavior. John has been so much more able to take disappointment!!! He desperately wants me to go to blockbuster today, but I told him no. He wasn’t happy, but he didn’t yell and scream. I am thrilled.

My calendar is getting filled up as the beginning of school approaches. I’m having trouble with more then one thing a night as all the meet the teachers and school open houses and grade level orientations are starting. They overlap with speech and scouts.

Eric is busy with marching band every night. Chris is gearing up for school and packing things to be shipped. Mark is…not doing much although he had a couple of days of band this week, but that is it.

John is enjoying his three weeks without school and discovering that you can rent games from blockbuster.

Daniel is happy go lucky. A funny Daniel story... A couple of days ago I opened the fridge to find on the bottom shelf a bowl of water with a single grape in it. Puzzled, I called out to the house, “Why is there a bowl of water with a grape in it in the fridge?” At first no response. When I asked again, I hear a couple of “Huhs?” and Chris said, “I think you need to ask Daniel.” I called Daniel and asked him what this (pointing to the bowl) was. He said, after a few uninteligable words, “Put it in a ice!!!” and he danced around and smiled and was all excited. I said, “What?” mumble mumble, “Put it in a ice!!!” Big smile and dancing.

I said, “You want to freeze the grape in ice?” He said, “Yeah, Yeah!!!” all happy. I said, “O-o-o-h” Then we had a short lesson on, Fridge (lay hand on door) Freezer (lay hand on other door) Repeat 3 or 4 times. The water won’t freeze in the fridge (unless of course you put it on the top shelf in the back for several days, but that is too complicated for Daniel.) I dumped out a little water (the bowl was really full) put a lid on it and showed him how to put it in the freezer. He was a happy, happy camper. That evening I found the bowl on the table full of water but the grape was missing. I asked him about the grape, (point and say where is it? The grape?) he said, “Fridge”. I don’t really know what happened to it. The next day he did it again, only no grape, just a bowl of water. When it was frozen that afternoon he danced around with the ice and showed everybody how he froze water and made us all touch it. Then he let it melt again. That seems to be the end of it. I don’t know if writing is as cute as seeing, but it was a fun story. I asked him at speech about the grape in the water, he said, “Put it in a ice!!!” to his speech teacher. I wanted her to know the answer we got from him. She was puzzled but, I explained it to her. You would think she could understand him by now, but with Daniel, context is everything.

When everyone got home last night, (after Eric got a ride home from band without telling anyone and we sent Chris to go get him and of course Chris doesn’t have a phone) Your Dad said, Finally, Everyone is home. John piped up, except Paul! I tried to explain that he will probably never be in the “everyone is home” category in our home and that Chris will soon be in that category as well, but he still hung onto except Paul. He was asking how long before Paul comes home. I told him another year, but I don’t think he understands that kind of time yet. He sort of does, because of birthdays, but I don’t think it goes very deep. He keeps asking me to get a video game for my birthday. I keep telling him I don’t play video games. He keeps trying to show me the games he is playing (the ones from blockbuster). I keep telling him, I don’t play video games. They make my head hurt. He sort of understands, but not really once again. He wants Daniel to get the video games for his birthday. He does understand his birthday is a long way away.

Daniel’s third MRI is tomarrow. It is about all I can think about, even though I have to pull book club movie night together for tomarrow night, and Pack Meeting is coming up a week from Saturday so I will be busy next week with all the awards, and Book club is coming up again, so I need to go get the book for September so I can read it while I am at Texas Children’s tomarrow. Yeah, I will be extremely busy over the next couple of months.

Daniel’s tumor/cyst is growing. I took him to the pediatrician a couple of weeks ago for the ear infections he got. I asked if he had gotten a report. The doctor said the report said it was growing. Last MRI the neurosurgeon couldn’t tell for sure, but I guess the radiologist report said it was growing. We will need to do something about it if we don’t want him to get hydrocephalus. (that means some kind of brain surgery) I will find out more tomarrow. Once again, we will be seing the neurosurgeon before the radiologist reads the report, but we will be able to see the pictures on the computer screen, and I am hoping to be told more about what is next. Anyway, pray for Daniel as just about everyone is. He is not having any symptoms so that is good and the tumor/cyst is benign, not invading the brain tissue so that is all good. I don’t know whether the next step is a biopsy or if they will go ahead and try to remove it so they only have one operation or if we will still wait and see. Right now…wait and see. The funniest thing about this tumor/cyst thing is the way everyone else gasps when I mention it. I once told a person I was working with in band, “If my sons head explodes, I won’t want to do this,” (I volunteered to head up a marching contest parking lot thing which I did last year). She gasped and her eyes got real big. Good grief! I’m joking! It is my way of dealing with this. How else do you deal with stuff that is serious, but taking a really long time. You make jokes, you cry sometimes, you talk about it (driving everyone else crazy) and you keep on living. Whatever happens, happens and you may as well take it as it comes and trust God that you can deal with it.

August 6, 2009 It has been a rough week

It has been a rough week. John went off the deep end. He was screaming and yelling about everything. He also got diarrhea which caused him to get sore, which made cleaning him up and absolute nightmare. It was only because Eric helped me hold his legs that I didn’t end up with a black eye or broken nose. He is much better now. We haven’t had a screaming fit for 2 days. That was after 7 of a fit at least 3 times a day, (not including diaper changing times). Whew! I am glad I got through that. I even barked at your dad. I was completely depleted, but I am bouncing back fairly quickly.

As for everyone else, Eric started marching band last night. His trombone should have been in the shop this summer, but we forgot, so I am wondering how I am going to take care of it. It will take about 5 days to get it working properly again. His slide is sticky.

Mark is going on a “be a whimp” campout on Friday. They will be camping out in the a leader's back yard, playing video games and swimming. They’ve done this a couple of times. The scoutmaster has cancer so campouts keep getting downgraded to something less strenuous. He is still a great scoutmaster though.

Daniel is his happy go lucky self. He still can’t hold a conversation, (which is upsetting Rob) but he IS starting to talk in 3 or 4 word sentences and he almost always remembers to add Paul in his list of brothers. I think he has a hard time with Paul because he didn’t actually learn our names until after he left for college. It makes it harder for him.

John seems to understand that Chris will be leaving soon for college like Paul did. What I am really surprised about is that he seems okay with it. He will be loosing his roomy. I told him I would have Eric move into the room in Chris’ place so that he wouldn’t have to sleep alone. He didn’t respond, but since at the time he was trying to sleep in my bed with me because Chris wasn’t home yet, I think it was a bit of a relief. He went to his own bed then and went to sleep.

I am just trying to survive the last 3 weeks till school starts. I can’t wait to have the house to myself again. It does get lonesome at times, but at least my nerves aren’t shot. I need quiet time, when none of the computers, TVs or video games are on. The constant blaring and clashing of different games and music has me on edge. Right now, Daniel is watching a PBS show called Word World, and playing Kirby. John is playing what looks like megaman on the other computer and Mark is playing something upstairs. Your dad is in the den working and Eric and Chris just got home from playing tennis. They will add to the racket soon.

July 30, 2009

I had bad bout with depression a couple of weeks ago that I am still struggling to recover from. My migraine medicine reacted with my anti-depressant and caused me to get even more depressed then I usually do. It was kind of weird, but thanks to some inspiration from My Father in Heaven, instead of renewing the migraine prescription when I went to the pharmacy I asked if there could be a drug interaction. Sure enough there was. Once the headache medicine wore off in about 2 hours I started getting better except for the 5 day headache I had after that. Excedrin (and any other ibuprofen containing meds) cause my blood pressure to go up so I can’t take it any more. I waited a week to go see the doctor (because I already had an appointment). I now have a different migraine medicine to try. The depression and recovery is why I have been struggling with writing lately.

Chris has added baseball to tennis and Frisbee for exercise. He finds some reason to get out twice a day, which is fine. It helps me not rely on him as much.

Eric has a new tic. He keeps trying to spit things out of his mouth. It is really annoying. The gnashing of teeth was irritating, but only if you were sitting nearby. The headshaking was irritating only if he was on the same furniture. The spitting thing is irritating from across the room! I am a little (very little) worried about when he starts school. I don’t think the noise is going to go over very well with his teachers, not to mention the other people in the class. He will probably suppress during school though and drive us crazy at night. Oh, well…Life.

Nothing much is up with Mark. Just constantly telling him to take a shower (which he has yet to take).

I always have stories about John. We went over to the some friends for dinner a week ago. They are a young family. There are just the three of them. Mom, Dad and baby. They had one of those huge lasagnas from Costco which the mom didn’t know how they were going to eat, so they invited us over for dinner. John now knows what and apartment is and has visited one. Anyway, they had Mario Kart Wii. John and Daniel got to play it and of course John was obsessed. On the way home, John was asking if he could call the dad. After two days of being constantly asked if he could call the dad, I rented the game from blockbuster. He loved it and I had a hard time getting him to go to school, but things are calming down now. His obsession is now on super sluggers. ARGH!!! It hasn’t helped that he got sick over the weekend. In fact, several people have been ill around here. Your Dad blamed it on some treats I brought home from church. He thinks it was food poisoning. I think it was yet another virus. It has been a rough year for viruses.

Daniel was one of the people to get sick this last weekend. He has swimmer’s ear (which is an infection in the ear canal) and a regular ear infection (which is behind the eardrum). His ear had a bunch of white ear gunk instead of yellow and then it started draining a bunch of water. I figured I better take him to the doctor. He is a lot happier now, but he doesn’t much like the medicine he has to take, but he does take it so I am proud of him.

July 9, 2009 A silly story

Eric is off scuba diving for high adventure. Chris is playing tennis and Frisbee every day. Mark is watching videos on the computer. Daniel is into Chip and Dale and the Justice League videos. John is doing what John always does…Playing some video game on something. Rob is in California this week, so things are kind of quiet and calm (as much as it can be with John around.) Chris is loving that we get to have spicy food for dinner. Surprisingly, even John and Daniel have eaten some of the food.

A silly story…We went to the Fourth of July pancake breakfast that the activities committee had at the church. The Hatfield’s were there so-o-o John invited Oliver over to play on Monday at “1 o’clock sharp”. I find it funny that John thinks Oliver is cool. He and Chris have done the video thing on the computer (it doesn’t work all that well) so John thinks Oliver is really cool because he has been on the computer screen. Oliver was 4 minutes late, but John, though uptight, remained in control until Oliver got here. Then he and Oliver played Kingdome Hearts for a few minutes until Oliver turned his DS over to Daniel. (Oliver says that every time John talks to him he asks about Kingdom Hearts.) Oliver spent the day here and everyone had a good time…but and 8 year old inviting an 18 year old over is…I don’t know…Odd.

Chris was ordained an Elder last Sunday. Chris is planning on going on his mission after the first semester at college, so it may be quite a while before you see him again. We’ll see how all the paperwork stuff goes first though; it may not work out the way he would like.

June 25, 2009 Mark had the idea that he would just wear the same clothes all week long

It has been a little dull this week. Chris has been gone, learning lifeguarding so he will have a great summer job now and in the future. Mark is off to Camp. Eric is busy reading a book. John is at summer school, and Daniel is well Daniel. He is just busy running around.

The one glitch was that Mark forgot to take his medication with him. His scout leader called because Mark had the idea that he would just wear the same clothes all week long. We made him bring other clothes, but his leader was afraid the jeans were going to be to hot this week. He wanted Mark to have some shorts. But, Mark won’t wear shorts. After seeing the forecast for this week, I bought him some of those pants with zippers and cooler material. I had to hem them. Mark said they wouldn’t fit, but I hope they do because I worked hard on them. (I bought a large men’s size so they would fit around him.) Eric and I spent Monday evening driving to the BSA camp to drop off the clothes and medicine. No one else was going up until Wednesday which meant that Mark wouldn’t have got his medicine for a really long time. I am glad I sent the clothes. At least I know he has the option since it has been over 100 the last couple of days and forecast to stay that way. Our thermometer said 108.9 yesterday. That is of course next to brick on concrete. We are living in a sauna right now and we aren’t even getting the afternoon “popcorn” thunder showers we usually do.

Daniel has learned a lot of little phrases that he is using like “how about that” or “but Mom”. It is kind of cute listening to him. John is in a social skills class at school and learning about expected and unexpected behaviors as well as the 5 point scale (for how loud your voice is…1 being no sound and 5 being yelling) Eric and I are listening to one of your Rob's books on tape. We needed something to do for the 4 hour drive on Monday, but the book is 10 hours of listening. It is pretty good.

June 18, 2009 It is really hot here

It is really hot here. We actually haven’t had rain for a couple of weeks. I know there that isn’t much, but we usually have “popcorn” showers every afternoon around here. That hasn’t been happening. I guess we actually get to use the pools a little this year.

A friend of mine said that she would help me teach John and Daniel how to swim, and it won’t cost anything. I told here we would pay her. We are going this afternoon for our first lesson. That should be interesting since I can’t get John to go to a pool.

Eric and Chris leave every day to go play tennis at the school. It is Chris’ way of getting exercise even though a lot of his friends aren’t around. He tried playing Frisbee last night, but only 7 people showed up so they played for a really short time.

Mark is complaining how boring it is around here. Hopefully, he will figure out something to do soon. He goes to scout camp next week anyway.

Rob is busy with some deadline at work. He is usually a lot more irritated when he is under pressure, then he has been lately. I’m not complaining though.

As for me, nothing much going on. I’m just busy with the day to day. I am struggling with getting done what I need too plus what I want.

June 4, 2009 Today is the last day of school

Things were a lot easier this week. Letting John play on the computer and the Nintendo makes all the difference in the world. He is not constantly asking about getting to play and me having to say no. I just have to say, after you____(get dressed, go potty, etc.) He can handle that a lot better, and so can I.

Today is the last day of school, so of course it is a half day. I loose track of timeduring the summer in the little things like arbitrating disputes, cooking, teaching, keeping track of where everyone is or has gone, changing diapers, or begging someone to actually use the toilet (think John). Time goes by quickly when you are busy and it goes even quicker each year older you get. (Either things are getting closer together, or I am slowing down. Maybe both.)

I am trying to talk Eric and Chris into becoming lifeguards. It will get them out of the house and making money and it is a summer job they can go back to over and over. Eric said he doesn’t swim well enough right now to be able to do the prerequisites, so I guess it is time to spend a lot of time at the pool. (I say that every year, and never do it.) He could of course walk himself down and build up his endurance and speed, but for some reason Eric doesn’t do stuff like that. Chris is just slow at filling out applications. He is considering it. Problem is, it costs $275 to get the training. I have already spent $400 on little gym for John and Daniel and then another $200 on medicine for me. My doctor has me on all kind of stuff and apparently they cost a lot! I don’t know if Rob will be willing to spend more money on training to be a lifeguard. I suppose if they get a job first and then train (which is one way of doing it, and it brings the cost down) it might be more palatable.

Daniel is back to his normal happy self and I am wondering what to do with him all summer. He gets into so much stuff when he is bored, and he will be bored. He will miss school terribly.

John was telling me he didn’t want to go to school today and he was sick. I told him he didn’t want to miss the last fun day of school. He said yes he did. He got on the bus anyway, so I guess I won. I am glad he will once again be going to summer school. He hates it of course, but it sure makes the next year easier for me. He doesn’t totally get out of the habit of getting on the bus and going to school. I do feel sad that he doesn’t get the break everyone else does, but I believe it is for the best.

Mark and Eric are busy re-reading the Harry Potter series getting ready for the next installment in the movie series. It comes out sometime in July. You will have to wait a year to see it, but I think you can handle that as your focus is elsewhere.

Chris graduated from seminary last Sunday. He gave a pretty good talk as well, but I think all the people who gave talks need to work on adding the spirit. The school is pretty good at teaching them to be funny in their speeches, but there was something missing. Maybe my back was hurting too much for me to notice the spirit. I know I need to bring something to the meeting as well.

Oh, one last Johnny story, he surprised me. I’ve been reading the Book of Mormon stories book (the one with the cartoon like pictures) to John and Daniel while they eat breakfast. Well one day this last week, my timer didn’t wake me up to send them off to school, so I drove them. After I dropped Daniel off at Fielder and was driving John Exley, I decided to ask a few questions about the story. I didn’t think John or Daniel was listening. I asked, “What happened in the story we read this morning.” John answered, “Lehi died.” (He had. It was the one about arriving in the promised land and the skin turning brown.) I asked, “What else happened?” Response, “I don’t know.” I asked, “What happened to Nephi?” Response, “He died.” (He had.) Then I asked what happened to Laman and Lemuel. He didn’t know. So I told him a little bit. I was surprised he knew as much as he did. Every now and then I look ahead at the chapters coming up. John was excited to see a story about King Benjamin coming up. We read it today. He seemed a little disappointed. I am hoping that the stories about King Noah and Ammon will be more interesting to him.

May 28, 2009 John Pokes a kid in the eye

This week has been stressful. John has been difficult. Last Thursday, I got an e-mail from the school that John had gotten mad and poked another kid in the eye with his pencil. I was not pleased (understatement) and your dad was irate. John got sent back to YCAP for in school suspension after spending some time in the office. After much talking to John and some e-mails from his teacher, we have figured out that John was angry at his aide because he couldn’t keep up with a reading assignment the class was doing together. He has a hard time staying on task. Anyway, instead of striking the teacher, he turned to his neighbor and stabbed him. The child has a scratch on his eye, but is okay and won’t loose the eye or his sight. (PHEW!) We made John make an apology note to his friend and grounded him from video games and the computer through Tuesday. They were out of school on Monday and Tuesday for the Memorial Day holidays. John has had a rough time of it. He has begged and pleaded, and cheated. He also got mad on Sunday and was throwing his jacket around (he covers his head with it during church so we bring it even though it is hot) and hit your dad in the glasses with the zipper so Rob added a day to his grounding. Because he cheated several times on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we took the power chords away and he is grounded again today, but we will let him have full access tomorrow. I can hardly wait! He is driving me crazy! The good news is he has started going outside to play games he learned with wii sports. I got him a t-ball set and he hits balls off the tee. Yesterday he grabbed a tennis racket and ball and has been practicing serving. He was trying to hit the ball with the racket sideways, but Rob showed him what he was doing wrong and John fixed his swing and has been doing well.

This morning John woke me up to go outside. He nearly set off the alarm when Mark was watching him, but Mark was able to turn it off in time. Anyway, I was watching him through the window and he was talking to someone, but I couldn’t figure out whom, so I asked him. He said, “The birds, but they don’t understand. Are they chirping?” lol. We had a short discussion about how birds have their own language and how babies and birds don’t understand us. He may drive me crazy asking for Nintendo every 10 minutes (at least it isn’t 10 seconds) and getting angry every time I say no, but he sure cracks me up at the same time.

Daniel got strep over the weekend and freaked me out. He was so-o-o sick. I ended up taking him to the urgent care center on Sunday. He fell asleep on the doctor bed. As we were leaving and he was weaving down the hall the doctor was like, “get that medicine right away and start him on it!!!” He was that sick. The doctor prescribed Tylenol with codeine for the pain. (Daniel was crying a lot because of it.) But when I gave it to him he broke out in hives and got real flushed. He threw up all night long. I will never give him codeine again. I wasn’t sure if it was the antibiotics or the codeine, but I tried the antibiotics again, and he is doing a hundred percent better. I got real close to taking him to the emergency room that night. He still isn’t totally himself. I haven’t had to change him in 3 days. He was starting to dehydrate because he wouldn’t eat or drink. He was able to go back to school on Wednesday though and is doing well. Antibiotics are a miracle.

Eric went canoeing over the weekend. He had a great time. He is also doing the driving part of drivers ed. He had to drive in the dark last night.

Mark is busy practicing for the end of the year band test. He has had to have spacers in his back teeth (12 year old molars) because they are coming in under his 6 year molars. He is definitely going to need his wisdom teeth pulled.

Chris is totally excited about getting out of school a week before everyone else. He has to speak at seminary graduation next Sunday though. He is getting teased about that.

Daniel and John both went to the dentist recently. They decided not to x-ray Daniel’s teeth unless it is really necessary because of all the MRIs. They don’t want to irradiate his head too much. It took me a while to understand, but in the end I stated it that way and they said, Yeah! John has a cavity. I took him the other day to get it filled, but he wouldn’t take the sleepy medicine. Last time he needed to take it Daniel took it first, so John did all right, but this time he just would not. He even spit it out at me, so I had to make another appointment. If he would have taken it, he probably would have slept all day Tuesday and not have cheated so much on his punishment. John often shoots himself in the foot. Crazy kid.

As for me, I am running around to doctor’s and dentist appointments. I am working on quilts and planning for the summer. Stuff like that. Today I have to spend a bunch of time finishing up a few missing things on day camp forms. Other then that I just have speech, quilt group (the have been doing another friendship quilt, and I want to see everyone’s even though I didn’t participate) physical therapy (for my back) and turning in forms. I promised John I would take him to a tennis court on Saturday, so I am going to be busy. I think next week is some end of year parties. Oh no!! Daniel’s has a lunch thing at 10:30 today!! So much for quilt group. I better get something together. Oh, wait, I made a sandwich yesterday for lunch which I didn’t eat. I put it in the fridge. I’ll be okay. I have something ready.


May 21, 2009 Life has been pretty good

This week has been calmer. Even with babysitting Rory. She was so funny. Derrick and Lindsey dropped her off at about 2:30. She was happy and enjoying the new things to explore. I basically tried to trap her inside the couches and that was enough. When Mark and Eric showed up after school, she freaked out. So I held her for a couple of minutes and then Chris came home and she freaked out again, but it only took her another couple of minutes and she decided they were all okay. Then she fell madly in love with Chris. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him when he was in the room. Every time he sat down, she would crawl over to him and stand up at his knee. John tried to talk to her. He said, “When I was a baby I baby talked too.” Daniel thought she was wonderful, but he got a little frustrated when she was belly laughing at Eric acting silly, but wouldn’t laugh at him. He took it pretty well though, the way he takes most things. In the end he just lay down beside her and touched her gently. He also kept trying to crawl into the pack and play (playpen/crib). It took a lot of telling him no and he was too big and he would break it to convince him not to get in. She kept us all busy Monday night with FHE and everything.

On Tuesday, I had a doctor’s appointment and so I took her with me. I discovered that I couldn’t carry her and the car seat. The car seat was heavier then she was. She couldn’t weight more the 15 lbs. She didn’t hurt my back at all. I made her stand up, when she wanted picked up so I didn’t have to bend over so far. The doctor gave me some pain medication also which…well…I LOVE not being in pain!!! I can actually stand up, sit down, and bend over again. My hip doesn’t even hurt. Wahoo! Sometimes, although I complain, I don’t realize just how much pain I am in until it is gone. I knew I was struggling, but …It is just so nice, even if my head is a little foggy.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon sewing on Merit Badges and rank badges. DH got a new shirt, so I had to do all the arm stuff for him. The new shirts have a pocket on the sleeve where the den leader patch goes. He insisted on being able to use the pocket so I couldn’t just sew it closed. Xb (Is that how you do the emoticon? It doesn’t look right.) Why didn’t they just put the pocket on the other sleeve? Do they not realize what a pain it is to hand sew badges? Actually, because I ripped it off his other shirt, it had holes for the needle which made it a little easier. Mark earned his star rank about 3 months ago and once enough time has gone by, he is ready for life. Eric finally finished up those citizenship merit badges that he only needed to call a councilor and make an appointment. His leader and I finally nagged him into it. I think maybe Mark being ready for life also helped. Eric got his Life rank last Sunday.

Life has been pretty good this last week.

May 14, 2009 Busy, Busy, Busy

I had a little miracle yesterday. This week has been beyond busy. It is pack meeting week, which means it takes 3 days to put all the awards together, but I was too busy with Daniel’s sleep study and dentist appointments. The bed at Texas Children’s was horrible on my back. When I got home on Tuesday I could hardly walk, so I rested, (not to mention I didn’t sleep well at all.) I finally put together the list for the awards late Tuesday night. On Wednesday morning I was wondering how I was going to make it through the day and get the awards done. I had been wondering about it all week, because my back was giving me so many problems. But then, I turned over and my back popped and it quit hurting. I took John and Daniel to the dentist picked up the awards, ran home, picked up Eric, took him to the dentist, dropped off John and Daniel at their respective schools, got some labels (for the awards), picked up Eric and then started working on the awards at home. It wasn’t until your dad got home from work that I realized I had completely missed Katy 3rds WEBELOS awards. They had 3 more boys getting arrow of lights. It was too late to do anything. It was the worst I have ever done on awards, but the miracle was I got through the day without a whole lot of pain. Today, however, the pain is back. I need to ask my home teacher’s for a blessing. As people keep telling me, this too shall pass. I will survive. I would just survive better if boys would help by cleaning things up off the floor. I can’t bend over! Oh, well, this is life.

I am busy as always. Tomorrow things are a little calmer. Today I have my dietician’s appointment, a physical therapy appointment, and Daniel’s speech, and if I want, roundtable. (I don’t want.) I also need to squeeze in shopping at some point in time, probably after quilt group. I need to just vent at quilt group. Come to think of it, tomorrow might not be better. I need to go get the awards I messed up and go to the temple. (It is “fill the temple” week for our stake. Our ward’s day was Tuesday, but that wasn’t going to work for me. Friday night is ward temple night.) The good news is there is a scout shop near the temple.

Next week I get to baby-sit, Derrick’s baby girl for Monday and Tuesday while they celebrate their anniversary. That will be interesting. After that, I think things slow down a little. I could be wrong though. Things always pop up. I was looking at my calendar last night. It thought the summer would slow down, but I don’t think it does slow down much. Oh, well…Life is not dull at the moment. It was when you were a baby. I got pretty bored sometimes, but it definitely isn’t anymore.

May 7, 2009 John's Having trouble with school-again

Chris is AP-ing, but done for this week. He is taking 5 tests overall, so life is a little stressful for him. He is also busy making money to take Kelly to the Prom. Kelly is going to MSU so she and he will be breaking up (sort of ) soon. He seems ready for it. Not that he doesn’t like Kelly and everything, but…whatever.

Eric is busy procrastinating homework. He had to write a poem about an abstract noun with imagery. He did a great job, but he waited to the last minute (as always.) It wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be though.

Mark is getting frustrated by John and Daniel. He loves watching TV, especially Hogan’s Heroes. I’m okay with that. I get my computer back.

John is having a little more trouble with school. I don’t know why. He is claiming to be sick every day again. I check his temperature every morning before I send him off. He is regressing in his potty training. ARGH! But he is starting to overcome it again. (up and down, up and down with him) We went to Texas Children’s for a re-eval on Monday. They got the full range with him. He worked hard on some stuff and refused other stuff. He threw a fit and ran out of the room and he sat and worked hard. He worked with the tester alone for a while and then I had to go in. I was busy with another person asking a bunch of questions so we weren’t quite done. He interrupted a lot while we were trying to finish up, but we got it done. Then I took him to the lab to get some blood tests. That didn’t go well. My back has been giving me trouble ever since. We did manage to get the draw though.

Daniel’s MRI was interesting. Daniel did great. He complained when they put in the straw (IV), but then he went out like a light. We saw the neurosurgeon later that day. He said that he wasn’t sure, but it looked like it may have grown a millimeter or two, but it was too early to tell. The changed his next MRI from 6 months to 3 months. He really couldn’t tell because the pictures they take aren’t at exactly the same spot as they were in the first place. The brain tissue around it is all normal, so it really is the “plumbing” that is the worry. There is about a centimeter (from what I can tell by looking at the pictures, and I am not trained) left before it blocks off, so if it is only growing a mm or two it will be a little while yet before he gets sick. It is a good idea to keep a close eye on it. The problem I have is that the symptoms of hydrocephalus and the flu are pretty much the same (except maybe the fever), so I asked how I was suppose to tell the difference. Basically, I got a shrug back (if you can see a shrug through the phone as I was calling.) I just am suppose to tell someone it could be hydrocephalus instead of the flu if I need to take him to the hospital or doctor.

I have been a little under the weather. I am not sure if I was sick or if the change in medications I am taking didn’t sit well. It doesn’t much matter now. I feel better. I suppose if I have to do stuff, spending hours on end sitting at Texas Children’s was the way to go.

The guy who does the mulch and stuff in the front yard came by yesterday. I had him pull out the 3 mostly dead loquat trees and bought an apple tree and an orange tree to replace them. The third tree doesn’t need replacing because of the little sago palm that was planted a few years ago has gotten big enough that it nothing needs to go there. Our lemon tree has another batch of little green fruit on it. What am I suppose to do with all these lemons? The orange tree has a bunch of little oranges on it as well. It is only about 2 feet tall so I am really surprised it is ready to produce, but It looks like we will have some oranges soon. At least oranges are edible.

I gotta go now. I have a physical therapy appointment for my back.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

April 30, 2009

Chris is busy studying for APs and getting ready for Prom. Kelly won’t let him get away with being a cheap date. He has to rent a real tux and a limo and the whole shebang. I’ve given Chris a list of housework he could do in order to earn money. We have some outside work as well, but so far he hasn’t done much. He says he is going too, but I don’t know. We are like, you want $300, you better start working your rear-end off. Especially since prom is only a couple of weeks away. We don’t just dole out $300. If he won’t, I think Eric will. He still has a long way to go before he has enough money to go scuba diving. Chris is enjoying going in late to school because of TAKS testing.

We had a wicked storm come through on Tuesday that flooded a bunch of stuff. We usually only get that much rain associated with a tropical storm or hurricane. It flooded school out for the day all over Houston, including Katy ISD. That messed up the TAKS testing schedule, because all the schools were suppose to start on Tuesday. It works out well for me though, because now Chris will be home on Friday so he can put John on the bus while I take Daniel down to Texas Children’s. Now Rob doesn’t have to stay home. Tomorrow I will spend the entire day at the hospital. Bleck! But at the same time, I am looking forward to the MRI. I need the calmness that will come from the thing in his head not growing. I worry. I’m mom. I always worry.

Anyway, on to Eric…uh…uh…I can’t think of anything that I didn’t already write. Chris and His band both got superiors at UIL. I already talked about getting ready for Scuba diving…Oh; he drove to church last week. He has a cavity. He is still ticking like crazy…that’s about it. Oh, I think he earned his life badge on Wednesday. I just messed up on blue cards for cit. in the Nation. I have to run his (not one of Chris’ old ones) over to brother Crabtree today. It is a little out of whack, but I think we will make it work.

Mark went to Fiesta Texas last Saturday. He was exhausted for two days. He really needed that rainy day school cancellation in order to catch up on rest. He won two stuffed animal, a pikachu that he gave to Daniel and a floppy dog that he gave to John. They were pretty big, about half the size of Daniel. I am really glad he didn’t go for the biggest size. Mark has earned enough merit badges to advance to life but he still needs about 3 more months time as a star. That is really good. Eric is going to have to bust his…behind to get Eagle before Mark does. Mark just smiles about it. Brother Short wasn’t very good at doing merit badges when Eric was in the troop. He has a whole schedule down for Mark’s group though. Eric just has to be more independent.

As for John, there is always something to write about John. He is on a fieldtrip to the zoo today. He was saying, “I don’t want to go on a fieldtrip with my class.” Poor kid. The only one in the world that doesn’t like fieldtrips. I tried to explain what the zoo was, but it just made him more afraid. I suppose a kid that is afraid of a plant growing is going to have trouble with the idea of the zoo. I should have gone, but I just don’t have the energy for it. I have too many other things going on.

On to Daniel, hmmm, can’t think of anything much. He is his happy go lucky self. He loves school, he loves home, he loves going places, he loves playing games. About the only thing he doesn’t love is John hitting him and who would like that? Yes, John still takes his anger out on Daniel. Daniel is 85 lbs now and John is only about 65 lbs. One of these days, Daniel isn’t going to just collapse on the floor, he is going to take John out and I think John deserves it. I told Daniel in the car last night to have at John. It wasn’t like I could stop them. I was tired of yelling so I just said, “hit him back Daniel.” Well they had a tiny little tussle, but John lost his shoe and then they were both laughing. John keeps telling Daniel, “don’t hit me back when I hit you.” I keep telling John, “Oh, yes he can. That is what people do when you hit them.” He doesn’t get it yet though. I’ve also been trying the, “do you like to be hit? Well, neither does Daniel.” John keeps expecting Daniel to hug him right after he hits Daniel and then says I’m sorry. Daniel is usually not quite ready to forgive at that point. Then John gets mad and hits him again. It is a crazy, silly thing. It will work out eventually though. It isn’t fun when it is happening, but I thing it is funny at other times.

April 16, 2009

Rob and I went on our annual anniversary trip to a hotel. I enjoyed the break, but John has regressed quite a bit. I think that combined with a four day weekend made things really difficult for him and he is acting out a bit. Kids do that.

Chris is gearing up for next months AP testing and of course band UIL. He isn’t feeling very well though. He and Mark are having trouble with their voices. I guess a virus is going through our home again.

Eric just finished his classroom stuff for Drivers Ed and we spent 3 hours at the DPS getting his permit. He passed with flying colors.

Mark isn’t doing much. He and Eric passed off their swim test for camp. That is about it. He helped Eric with the teacher’s quarum fundraiser of mulching. Eric will be going scuba diving this summer. He will be scuba certified for life when it is over. Rob doesn’t much care, but I think it will be a good thing for him.

I went to John’s ARD yesterday. It is fun to talk to his teachers and see how he is doing at school. He had a rough day yesterday. He was wet when I went to get him for the bus. He had undressed, so he was late for school and I wasn’t too happy either. He kept saying, “I don’t want to go to school!” I’m thinking that there is no way he is going to learn that if he wets his pants he doesn’t have to go to school. This is the first time he has done anything like this in a long time. I thought maybe he was regressing like I mentioned before but when I got to the ARD I learned another reason for it. Last week his class planted seeds. His teacher said that he enjoyed it and was right in there with the rest of the kids but when he got back on Tuesday the plant had started to grow. John was totally freaked out and wouldn’t have anything to do with his plant. She said he was standing with his back to the wall wa-a-a-y on the other side of the room. When I talked to him about it he said, “I don’t want to take my plant home today.” (Whatever that means.) I tried to explain what had happened, but I am not sure he understood. He made a little easel at cub scouts. He had a good time learning to put it together. He got to use a hammer and screw in eyelet screws. The pounding noise didn’t even bother him. He was happy about that. He loves playing with the babies at wolf den. The leaders have not yet sitting up babies. I think he is about at their social skill level so I kind of let him play with them instead of learning about tools.

Daniel was hilarious last night. Chris printed out something on the Kids computer. Daniel stood there staring at the paper as it came out totally fascinated so Chris wrote him a little note and printed it out. Daniel was totally keyed up about it. He could almost read it himself and it came out of the printer and he saw it on the computer screen! I guess he didn’t know about printers before. He thought it was pretty funny. He is doing great in school and is even trying to write words phonetically.

As for me, I am keeping busy with dr. appointments. My back has been hurting for about a month so I got myself a new doctor and now I am being prodded and poked. Hopefully, after she gets all her information, things will slow down. I am just trying to stay busy until Daniel’s next MRI on May 1st. I am not really worrying about it, but it is a lot easier not to worry about it when I am busy. I am just glad the talent show, day camp forms, and pack meeting are over. I don’t feel half so stressed out.

April 9, 2009

Nothing much is going on because I am too busy with cub scout awards. All done for this month! Wohoo! Chris has been feeling poorly for a long time and Mark is loosing his voice so we have a little bug running through our family as always.

UIL is keeping the band boys busy. Chris says that once UIL is over things will calm down. I asked him why and he said because then he and Eric won’t be running around doing band stuff. I wondered, what has that got to do with anything? I will still be running around. He said he would be home more. Oh that helps. Not! Just one more kid underfoot. He’ll be headed off to college soon though so I need to enjoy him while I can.

I feel a little guilty about going away for a couple of days this weekend. It’s our anniversary celebration. Because Chris hasn’t been out with his friends in forever. He really hasn’t been feeling very well for quite a while. I think the recovery from the teeth is a lot slower then he expected and then there was conference and now we have our anniversary. Eric and Mark can babysit sort of. I don’t really trust them. They get lost in what they are doing and forget to take care of stuff like food. Chris is much better about actually taking care of John and Daniel. I asked Chris to talk Eric and Mark about it. I thought they might listen a little better to him. John sure listens to Chris. Chris has gotten him to where pants almost all the time and he is doing a lot better about going in the toilet. He still isn’t perfect, but it is a lot better about going when we tell him too.

I am not talking about conference because I barely remember it. I had a headache and was overly tired. I have to listen on line again, but I have been too busy with cub scouts. I plan on listening to one talk a day over the next few weeks or I will read the Ensign when it comes.

Life is good. I am really busy, but it is all the same old stuff like, speech, and ARDs and doctor appointments. It seems like hundreds of doctors appointments. I can’t figure out why I am always at the doctor. They take so ridiculously long. Yesterdays took 4 hours. I didn’t have that much time. I had to label and distribute all the awards. I was running like crazy last night to get everything done in time for pack meeting and then when I got there, I had forgotten the list of awards! Chris was staying home because he didn’t feel well, so he ran them to us just in time.

I got x-rays of my foot, back and hips to see why they hurt all the time. I hope the doctor can figure it out. I am tired of being in pain. I fell down the stairs in October and injured my ankle (again) and it just won’t heal right. My hip has always had trouble from time to time, but now it just won’t stop hurting and the same with my back. I think my back hurting is aggravating my hip which makes me limp which means I am likely to step wrong on my foot and then my ankle hurts. Oh, well, that is why God gave us motrin. I will survive and keep going and someday all the aches and pains will be gone.

I really am babbling because I can’t think of anything to write. What other stupid stuff can I think of….hmmm…any Johnny or Daniel stories? No, I have been too busy to notice. Oh! A Chris story... We have a tradition of going to Denny’s or IHOP between the Saturday conference sessions. I don’t know if you remember it because Chris didn’t. It kind of went away for a little while when we started getting conference on the computer at home. I asked Rob to bring it back a couple of years ago and he thought it was a great idea. Chris didn’t remember because for the last…I don’t know how many years, band has had something over both conference weekends so he has missed Saturday conference. He was sooo excited to go out with the family to Denny’s. You know how Chris can get. He was so funny. John and Daniel were great at the resteraunt. They are learning manners. They even ordered their own food.

Okay, I need to go do some dishes and laundry and go to quilt group (I promised a lady to help her make a pattern for he grandchild from one of my kwick sew books.) Then I need to pack because we are leaving tonight cause the kids have tomarrow off. We’ll be back on Saturday. As usual, we are not going far. Just over to a hotel on Fry behind best buy and maybe to the Houston temple on Friday if I am not to wacked on the medication’s the doctor gave me for my back and pain. Today is good so far, but they may not have kicked in yet.

Tthe Relief Society talent show I sang one of the songs I wrote (way back in mount Vernon) and every one seemed to enjoy it. I also played the quartet I wrote. I changed the cello part to a viola part. It didn’t sound as good that way, but I was to shy to call the one cellist (that I know about) in the stake. Anyway, although the violins messed up, nobody noticed and everyone loved it. Caleb Riggs said it was his favorite. (He was suppose to be in the nursery doing a service project.) I am considering trying to record my music in…like a studio or something, but I really don’t know how to do that, so It will probably take me a long time to get up the courage. I have just been surfing the internet to see what is available in Houston. I thought that would be one thing Rob and I could talk about when we are anniverarying.

April 2, 2009

I was busy last week with final preparations for the Relief Society birthday part enrichment which was that night. Sister Dolan (RS pres) wanted a talent display and show and guess who got the task of putting the show together. Originally, I was only supposed to be the person that other people reported too, but Sis. Combs was released and we got a new Enrichment leader for the committee and she didn’t know what was going on and that is a hard calling to step into in the middle of preparations for a talent show. It turned out that instead of other people putting things together like musical numbers and skits, it all fell to me. No body wanted to do anything. We have such a talented ward and the only people who sang were me and Tiffany Janis. Oh, and we had everybody sing a couple of songs that were suppose to be by groups but they sort of backed out. Even the RS presidency backed out on the skit they were suppose to do at the last minute. I made them do a really easy Cub Scout skit called “Bored Cowboys” that night anyway. For all the last minute changes and things wrong in the program it turned out pretty good anyway. I did make a lot of mistakes on the program though. Oh, well, maybe they will never ask me to do that again. This is the second talent show I have had to put together, (I had to do one as a youth leader) and I hope I never need to do another.

It wouldn’t have been too bad if spring break hadn’t been the week before so everyone was out of town, or if I hadn’t been trying to get all the forms I needed from all the cubs and the leaders going to day camp. What a nightmare that is! Ask anyone who has ever tried to do it. The parents are pretty good at getting the boys information, but try to get the leaders shot records! Most adults have no clue about their shots! Not to mention getting people to go on line and do Youth Protection Training or a Sex Offender search! (I ended up doing the search myself.). You have to be registered and have a BSA number to do YPT training and of course most of the adults don’t know their BSA number or are not registered until after you turn in the registration at day camp sign up. I still have 2 more YPT trainings to get, some shot records, and a couple of forms that were not the right forms. Grrrr!

Plus, on last Thursday Daniel had an appointment at Texas Children’s to talk about possible medications. It turned out that at this time, he doesn’t need any. Maybe as school progresses and they can’t deal with the adhd part of his autism he may need some, but kindergarten and 1st grade it really isn’t necessary. While we were there though, we signed him up for an autism sleep study. The study is trying to determine what the optimum melatonin release is so they can help parents who have autistic kids that don’t sleep. (A very common problem, that we are blessed not to have with John and Daniel. Some kids only sleep about 2 hours a day and 4 hours a day is not uncommon for children with autism.) Melatonin is what makes you tired. We okayed it, so Daniel is wearing a wristband with a button in it that we click every time we put him to bed and when he wakes up. We also click it if we take it off. This will happen for 1 week so we are almost done. We also have to fill out a bunch of forms. Daniel is the 1st person to actually wear the wristband so it is kind of exciting. Nurse Bell thought it was cool that Daniel was a part of a study. He will have a 24 hour stay at Texas Children’s sometime soon so they can observe him and by chewing on cottonballs (yuck) every so often they will measure his melatonin in his saliva. There could be one glitch though. All of the paperwork has the date in February instead of March. If the watch is set for February, we will need to redo the whole week. It wasn’t hard though. Daniel is pretty consistent in his sleep patterns.

This week has been really calm. Even speech was cancelled. I am catching up on a bunch of stuff that has needed done. Like making appointments for dentists and updating websites and writing e-mails about my callings and stuff that I have been putting off because of day camp forms and RS. I am really looking forward to feasting on the Word at conference. I am so glad we have them every 6 months. I start conference starving to hear the prophets and apostles and leave feeling absolutely stuffed.

Next week I will have Cub Scout awards to do but band has a UIL concert so I won’t have band board meeting till the week after. Wohoo! That really helps. Someone else is doing the band board next year. I am really grateful; I have been totally overloaded with that and everything else. I thought I could do it, but It was just one thing too many.

John has been doing fantastic! He struggles with cub scouts and homework, but getting him to the bus has been a breeze. Ms. Suzette, (his autism teacher) says he hasn’t needed her hardly at all for a long time. This means he is doing really well in the classroom. The incubator is in the classroom again, and of course John sits right by it. Just like last year. His teacher will move him if they have trouble with him. I think he understands it better this year and won’t have nearly the trouble they did last year. Even still, if it is a problem they have a solution. If all else fails he can go back to YCAP.

Okay, I am having to really think hard of anything else. Eric is taking driver’s Ed. Poor guy, he has to drive the van when it is time. He won’t learn to drive a stick as well as you, but we will make him learn on your dad’s car. Chris is busy making the second half of his calculus book and getting ready for AP tests. Mark is…not very busy. He is almost ready to move up to life rank. He is pretty much doing time right now. He has to wait another 3 months. He is going to beat Eric to life, and with as many merit badges he will get a camp, he will probably beat Eric to eagle. Eric is going to have to start turning things in! He has like 1 thing to do on 4 different required. I will make him finish up this summer.

Life is going along as it always does. Busy, busy, busy, OH No, something weird happened! Pray about it, it will be okay, and back to Busy, busy, busy…

March 19, 2009

It’s spring break so we are all busy doing nothing important. I still have to get all the paperwork for day camp and pull together the program for Relief Society next week, but it is coming along. I’ve had to assign out skits so we would have something else besides singing. Some of the ladies are going to do a sing along of Mama Mia songs and I have given people my first two pieces I wrote, the flute solo and the quartet. Unfortunately, everyone wants to sing in a group but no one wants to form one. I don’t know what to do about that on this short notice, but…I think everything will turn out all right. I have the Lord’s help in this.

Chris is having trouble chewing so he is still mostly eating pudding and jello. John is incredibly jealous. He wants all the pudding. He feels fine other than that.

Eric is busy mulching peoples yards for a scout fundraiser. They want to go on a high adventure scuba dive which is about 650 dollars per kid so the teachers are fundraising. I also just signed him up for driver’s ed. He will be 16 soon. I find that hard to believe.

Mark finished the Star Wars battlefront 2 before Eric. He was pumped. He bought Tales of Symphonia for the Wii and he and Eric defeated that as well. There is more to do on both games, but the most important stuff is done.

John is throwing fits. He wants complete control of all the screens in the house. We are trying to teach him that just because he wants it and asks for it (over and over and over and over) doesn’t mean he gets it. My TV in particular. It isn’t sinking in very well.

Daniel is doing…whatever. Mostly following John around or playing some game upstairs. He is happy as always, but his speech is degrading. It does that when he is home. I don’t know why.

Everything else is normal, I guess. It is a pretty quiet week.

March 13, 2009

Chris is getting ready for AP testing and signing up for housing at BYU. The full orchestra had UIL yesterday, but Chris did not know how they had done. I listened to the pre-UIL concert and of course it was GREAT! I am sure they did as well as ever, but Chris said that Oliver really messed up on one song and sounded like he was sight reading, sooo, I will have to let you know next week. One of the songs was Jupiter. Oliver had better not mess that one up as often as they have to play it for the alma mater. Next week he gets his wisdom teeth pulled. Hopefully without any cardiac hitches.

Eric is totally engrossed in a fantasy series. It has 10 books in the series and he has done nothing but read for the past month. I know exactly how he feels because I spent last month reading them myself. I am just now coming out of my book fog. Next week Eric will be busy mulching yards. The scouts are doing fundraisers so they can go on a Scuba trip for their high adventure. It is going to cost a lot, but not as much as Disney world or New York. Eric doing fundraising will help.

Mark found a new series of cartoons on Google so he is engrossed in watching that. Actually, all the boys gather around the computer and watch it with him, including Chris. It gets pretty crowded over in that corner. Mark is also excited to finish a Nintendo game before Eric. He has come down every night this week and said, “I have almost beat Eric.” I don’t know what game it is, but I think Eric is to busy reading to play the game much. Mark told me he had never finished a game first. I told him that was because he was two years younger then Eric, not to mention you and Chris, but he is still really determined to finish this game before Eric.

John had pinewood derby last night. Rob made the car. It is a green wedge one. John painted two white stripes on it. For the first heat, he wouldn’t take his care to the track so I did it for him. For the second heat, I dragged him over to the car, but he wasn’t kicking and screaming and he was happy to watch the race. For the third heat, he did everything all by himself. I was so proud of him. Now we just have to remember to do everything 3 times so he will do it himself! He had a great time and carried his car home all proud and possessive. It was wonderful. He has been getting on the bus great for 3 whole weeks. He comes running downstairs to eat, even when I have to wake him up, he eats, and gets dressed without any fuss and then when the bus comes he runs out to it. Can you believe it? I am still dazed and expecting to fight every morning, but I have only had one small fight in about a month and that was because he was sore and didn’t want me to change his underwear because he was a little messy. I’ll take that after years of big fights over going to school.

Daniel is doing fabulously as always. He went to a birthday party for one of the girls at school. He was the only boy there. The girls just dote on him. I heard lots of great stories about him from parents. I was told the girls fight over who gets to help him at school. One girl was furious because another girl wouldn’t let her help Daniel. Another story, the girls like to chase Daniel at recess. I was told that when one of the girls gets home she is asked, “What did you do at recess?” “We chase Daniel.” “Do you catch him?” “Sometimes, when he falls down.” Of course, Daniel is oblivious to all of it. At the party one of the girls said, “Now, Daniel, don’t get to wild!” The funny thing is, until the very end, he was the calmest of the bunch. His teacher told us at his ARD that he has just started to learn to swing. He isn’t going very high, but he is starting to pump and get the rhythm. So much for the girls chasing him. He is probably going to spend the rest of the year trying to learn to swing.

Rob was all stressed out about pinewood derby, but that is over now. Now he gets to stress over getting Chris to college. Other then that, it is just work and WEBELOS and everyday normal stuff for him for now. I am sure something will come up to stress him out though.

Maybe his stress will be me stressing out. I am trying to get all the Cub Scout forms ready for day camp. UGH!!!! I hate that. We are short about 6 volunteers and I don’t think we can come up with that many. We have a lot of 2 scouts in a family with mothers with really young babies. That means they cannot attend because they can’t leave their babies for 7 hours. I don’t know where we are going to come up with the volunteers. On top of that, I am in the midst of planning a talent show for the Relief Society birthday party on the 26th. That is scary in and of itself. My worst problem is that spring break is next week, so I am trying to finalize everything by the end of this week. Trying to do cub scouts and relief society, both finished by Friday afternoon is making me crazy! My callings are clashing. That is stressing me out. I’ll be fine. I just have to keep on keeping on. One foot in front of the other and somehow, with the Lord’s help, it will all come out okay. Time will take care of stuff. It will all be over at the end of the month, and then something else will take over. It is a good thing to have the comforter keep telling me that I can do this (whatever this is at the moment). One day at a time and then time marches on and then this too shall pass.