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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

April 2, 2009

I was busy last week with final preparations for the Relief Society birthday part enrichment which was that night. Sister Dolan (RS pres) wanted a talent display and show and guess who got the task of putting the show together. Originally, I was only supposed to be the person that other people reported too, but Sis. Combs was released and we got a new Enrichment leader for the committee and she didn’t know what was going on and that is a hard calling to step into in the middle of preparations for a talent show. It turned out that instead of other people putting things together like musical numbers and skits, it all fell to me. No body wanted to do anything. We have such a talented ward and the only people who sang were me and Tiffany Janis. Oh, and we had everybody sing a couple of songs that were suppose to be by groups but they sort of backed out. Even the RS presidency backed out on the skit they were suppose to do at the last minute. I made them do a really easy Cub Scout skit called “Bored Cowboys” that night anyway. For all the last minute changes and things wrong in the program it turned out pretty good anyway. I did make a lot of mistakes on the program though. Oh, well, maybe they will never ask me to do that again. This is the second talent show I have had to put together, (I had to do one as a youth leader) and I hope I never need to do another.

It wouldn’t have been too bad if spring break hadn’t been the week before so everyone was out of town, or if I hadn’t been trying to get all the forms I needed from all the cubs and the leaders going to day camp. What a nightmare that is! Ask anyone who has ever tried to do it. The parents are pretty good at getting the boys information, but try to get the leaders shot records! Most adults have no clue about their shots! Not to mention getting people to go on line and do Youth Protection Training or a Sex Offender search! (I ended up doing the search myself.). You have to be registered and have a BSA number to do YPT training and of course most of the adults don’t know their BSA number or are not registered until after you turn in the registration at day camp sign up. I still have 2 more YPT trainings to get, some shot records, and a couple of forms that were not the right forms. Grrrr!

Plus, on last Thursday Daniel had an appointment at Texas Children’s to talk about possible medications. It turned out that at this time, he doesn’t need any. Maybe as school progresses and they can’t deal with the adhd part of his autism he may need some, but kindergarten and 1st grade it really isn’t necessary. While we were there though, we signed him up for an autism sleep study. The study is trying to determine what the optimum melatonin release is so they can help parents who have autistic kids that don’t sleep. (A very common problem, that we are blessed not to have with John and Daniel. Some kids only sleep about 2 hours a day and 4 hours a day is not uncommon for children with autism.) Melatonin is what makes you tired. We okayed it, so Daniel is wearing a wristband with a button in it that we click every time we put him to bed and when he wakes up. We also click it if we take it off. This will happen for 1 week so we are almost done. We also have to fill out a bunch of forms. Daniel is the 1st person to actually wear the wristband so it is kind of exciting. Nurse Bell thought it was cool that Daniel was a part of a study. He will have a 24 hour stay at Texas Children’s sometime soon so they can observe him and by chewing on cottonballs (yuck) every so often they will measure his melatonin in his saliva. There could be one glitch though. All of the paperwork has the date in February instead of March. If the watch is set for February, we will need to redo the whole week. It wasn’t hard though. Daniel is pretty consistent in his sleep patterns.

This week has been really calm. Even speech was cancelled. I am catching up on a bunch of stuff that has needed done. Like making appointments for dentists and updating websites and writing e-mails about my callings and stuff that I have been putting off because of day camp forms and RS. I am really looking forward to feasting on the Word at conference. I am so glad we have them every 6 months. I start conference starving to hear the prophets and apostles and leave feeling absolutely stuffed.

Next week I will have Cub Scout awards to do but band has a UIL concert so I won’t have band board meeting till the week after. Wohoo! That really helps. Someone else is doing the band board next year. I am really grateful; I have been totally overloaded with that and everything else. I thought I could do it, but It was just one thing too many.

John has been doing fantastic! He struggles with cub scouts and homework, but getting him to the bus has been a breeze. Ms. Suzette, (his autism teacher) says he hasn’t needed her hardly at all for a long time. This means he is doing really well in the classroom. The incubator is in the classroom again, and of course John sits right by it. Just like last year. His teacher will move him if they have trouble with him. I think he understands it better this year and won’t have nearly the trouble they did last year. Even still, if it is a problem they have a solution. If all else fails he can go back to YCAP.

Okay, I am having to really think hard of anything else. Eric is taking driver’s Ed. Poor guy, he has to drive the van when it is time. He won’t learn to drive a stick as well as you, but we will make him learn on your dad’s car. Chris is busy making the second half of his calculus book and getting ready for AP tests. Mark is…not very busy. He is almost ready to move up to life rank. He is pretty much doing time right now. He has to wait another 3 months. He is going to beat Eric to life, and with as many merit badges he will get a camp, he will probably beat Eric to eagle. Eric is going to have to start turning things in! He has like 1 thing to do on 4 different required. I will make him finish up this summer.

Life is going along as it always does. Busy, busy, busy, OH No, something weird happened! Pray about it, it will be okay, and back to Busy, busy, busy…

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