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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

April 9, 2009

Nothing much is going on because I am too busy with cub scout awards. All done for this month! Wohoo! Chris has been feeling poorly for a long time and Mark is loosing his voice so we have a little bug running through our family as always.

UIL is keeping the band boys busy. Chris says that once UIL is over things will calm down. I asked him why and he said because then he and Eric won’t be running around doing band stuff. I wondered, what has that got to do with anything? I will still be running around. He said he would be home more. Oh that helps. Not! Just one more kid underfoot. He’ll be headed off to college soon though so I need to enjoy him while I can.

I feel a little guilty about going away for a couple of days this weekend. It’s our anniversary celebration. Because Chris hasn’t been out with his friends in forever. He really hasn’t been feeling very well for quite a while. I think the recovery from the teeth is a lot slower then he expected and then there was conference and now we have our anniversary. Eric and Mark can babysit sort of. I don’t really trust them. They get lost in what they are doing and forget to take care of stuff like food. Chris is much better about actually taking care of John and Daniel. I asked Chris to talk Eric and Mark about it. I thought they might listen a little better to him. John sure listens to Chris. Chris has gotten him to where pants almost all the time and he is doing a lot better about going in the toilet. He still isn’t perfect, but it is a lot better about going when we tell him too.

I am not talking about conference because I barely remember it. I had a headache and was overly tired. I have to listen on line again, but I have been too busy with cub scouts. I plan on listening to one talk a day over the next few weeks or I will read the Ensign when it comes.

Life is good. I am really busy, but it is all the same old stuff like, speech, and ARDs and doctor appointments. It seems like hundreds of doctors appointments. I can’t figure out why I am always at the doctor. They take so ridiculously long. Yesterdays took 4 hours. I didn’t have that much time. I had to label and distribute all the awards. I was running like crazy last night to get everything done in time for pack meeting and then when I got there, I had forgotten the list of awards! Chris was staying home because he didn’t feel well, so he ran them to us just in time.

I got x-rays of my foot, back and hips to see why they hurt all the time. I hope the doctor can figure it out. I am tired of being in pain. I fell down the stairs in October and injured my ankle (again) and it just won’t heal right. My hip has always had trouble from time to time, but now it just won’t stop hurting and the same with my back. I think my back hurting is aggravating my hip which makes me limp which means I am likely to step wrong on my foot and then my ankle hurts. Oh, well, that is why God gave us motrin. I will survive and keep going and someday all the aches and pains will be gone.

I really am babbling because I can’t think of anything to write. What other stupid stuff can I think of….hmmm…any Johnny or Daniel stories? No, I have been too busy to notice. Oh! A Chris story... We have a tradition of going to Denny’s or IHOP between the Saturday conference sessions. I don’t know if you remember it because Chris didn’t. It kind of went away for a little while when we started getting conference on the computer at home. I asked Rob to bring it back a couple of years ago and he thought it was a great idea. Chris didn’t remember because for the last…I don’t know how many years, band has had something over both conference weekends so he has missed Saturday conference. He was sooo excited to go out with the family to Denny’s. You know how Chris can get. He was so funny. John and Daniel were great at the resteraunt. They are learning manners. They even ordered their own food.

Okay, I need to go do some dishes and laundry and go to quilt group (I promised a lady to help her make a pattern for he grandchild from one of my kwick sew books.) Then I need to pack because we are leaving tonight cause the kids have tomarrow off. We’ll be back on Saturday. As usual, we are not going far. Just over to a hotel on Fry behind best buy and maybe to the Houston temple on Friday if I am not to wacked on the medication’s the doctor gave me for my back and pain. Today is good so far, but they may not have kicked in yet.

Tthe Relief Society talent show I sang one of the songs I wrote (way back in mount Vernon) and every one seemed to enjoy it. I also played the quartet I wrote. I changed the cello part to a viola part. It didn’t sound as good that way, but I was to shy to call the one cellist (that I know about) in the stake. Anyway, although the violins messed up, nobody noticed and everyone loved it. Caleb Riggs said it was his favorite. (He was suppose to be in the nursery doing a service project.) I am considering trying to record my music in…like a studio or something, but I really don’t know how to do that, so It will probably take me a long time to get up the courage. I have just been surfing the internet to see what is available in Houston. I thought that would be one thing Rob and I could talk about when we are anniverarying.

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