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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Feb 5 2009

Daniel has been the only thing on my mind for a couple of weeks. I made a bunch of doctor appointments to keep me busy until my obsession would pass. We all got sick on top of that so the amount of doctor appointments doubled. Between strep, a stomach virus and the appointments I had already made, I was spending a lot of time waiting around for doctors. I think we have all recovered now, including me. I won’t know for sure until I digest the food I just ate, but I feel a lot better then I have for the last week.

Chris took some national test today. He said it was really dumb. It had questions like: there is ash in the air. What would make it go away? Or Are you taking science this year? He just did solo and ensembles but I was too sick to ask him how he did. I will have to do that tonight. Oops.

Eric spent last week at home. He missed most of the taks benchmark testing because of strep. He didn’t have much to catch up on though. He is still coughing up a storm. I keep wondering if I should take him back to the doctor, but he is already on antibiotics so I don’t see the purpose. I think I will wait one more week. He had to make a mask for English last night. I had told him quickly how to do it the night before, but he skipped it. I showed him how to make a paper mask. I don’t know if he did it. It will be a day late anyway.

Mark is busy with DI. He has a lot to do for that. Last week we had to throw together a costume at the last minute. He had mentioned it a few times, but…Why do kids always say something at the worst possible moment? I know I don’t have a lot of good time to ask, but in the middle of diaper changing? I get easily distracted and forget things like that. He managed to get something together with my suggestions, my costume book, and help at DI.

John got sick over the weekend. He was home the first 3 days this week. He has been making me crazy. I haven’t been able to get on the computer all week because he wants this one to play on. I don’t know why the other one isn’t good enough. But he is John. Yesterday at the doctor’s office he met a little boy in the waiting room. It was just the four of us, (the mom, me, john and roy) so they got to playing. The little boy had sponge bob and a wrestler. He had John rolling on the floor laughing. They were talking and playing and running around together. Just like John does with Daniel. It was wonderful to watch. It was funny in a way because the little boy was obviously younger then John but directing the play and what they did. Normally, the older child (obviously John) would be the one doing that, but…well it is John. Just seeing him try to make a friend was wonderful.

Daniel is doing great. He had to get a chicken pox shot booster today. He was NOT Happy! He screamed and yelled and kicked Chris (who had a well child checkup and got a shot as well). We held him down and got it over with, but then Daniel tried to throw a chair! We stopped him, but he doesn’t get like that very often. My poor baby. It wasn’t till the nurse mentioned it that I remembered that the last time he got immunized his whole upper arm swelled up from an infection. No wonder he is upset about pokes. When he saw the little tray with the shots he screamed, “No poke!!! No Poke!!!” Other then that he was really cute. He had already had his well child check up but he wanted to do everything Chris and Mark had done. He wanted the hearing test, and the eye test, and the blood pressure test. He was only there for the immunization. He had strep during his “well” child check up so they wanted to wait until he was well to immunize him. The sad thing is in three months he has to have another MRI and will have to have and IV. I wonder how we will deal with that. I am pretty sure Texas Children’s will no how to handle it though.

As for me, like I mentioned, I’ve spent the last week in bed or barely getting around. I had an infection, probably strep and then I got whatever John had which I am wondering if I am over yet. I feel a lot better today though. I don’t feel like I’m walking through mud like I have been whenever I was up for the past week.

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