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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

February 19, 2009

The boys had a four day weekend last week and tomarrow is early release, so I have a very short week. That is okay because I really am not doing much.

I took John to wolf cub scouts. He has been going about a month. He really enjoyed the blue and gold dinner last month. He especially loved the watermelon cheer. He and Daniel were giggling up a storm over that one. He is still trying to run away from den meeting, but it is less urgent and he isn’t screaming when he runs. There is another boy that has autism in wolf den from Nottingham country ward and Noah has something going on but is really high functioning. The den leaders have their hands full with this group, but there are 3 den leaders and two moms, (me and the other autistics kids mom) so it is under control pretty much. They just need to do a lot less writing and whole lot more moving.

Valentines day was a big hit for John and Daniel. They were bouncing off the walls all weekend. The older boys were baffled, but sugar and chocolate make little boys crazy. It was almost silly. Rob and I had to explain to John that he was way overreacting to things because of the sugar. He was a little baffled but I think after a while he actually understood a little and went off by himself.

Mark, Eric, and Chris are doing normal stuff. Playing with Nintendo. For some reason Chris and Mark are into some pokemon game. They spend all afternoon on the DSs playing. Eric discovered a book series with about 10 books in it. I read it over the last month and now he is into it. Both Eric and Chris’ grades are suffering, but I figure it also the time of year. I always got kind of…trunky (that actually fits the feeling) during the January and February time of school year. Rob on the other hand is VERY unhappy. Chris is refusing to do calculus homework so he is failing that and English. Senioritis is setting in I think. I got my worst report card ever that last quarter of my senior year. I seem to remember you struggling as well. Oh, Chris was accepted to BYU but I think he might want to go to A&M, so we will see what he decides later.

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