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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

March 19, 2009

It’s spring break so we are all busy doing nothing important. I still have to get all the paperwork for day camp and pull together the program for Relief Society next week, but it is coming along. I’ve had to assign out skits so we would have something else besides singing. Some of the ladies are going to do a sing along of Mama Mia songs and I have given people my first two pieces I wrote, the flute solo and the quartet. Unfortunately, everyone wants to sing in a group but no one wants to form one. I don’t know what to do about that on this short notice, but…I think everything will turn out all right. I have the Lord’s help in this.

Chris is having trouble chewing so he is still mostly eating pudding and jello. John is incredibly jealous. He wants all the pudding. He feels fine other than that.

Eric is busy mulching peoples yards for a scout fundraiser. They want to go on a high adventure scuba dive which is about 650 dollars per kid so the teachers are fundraising. I also just signed him up for driver’s ed. He will be 16 soon. I find that hard to believe.

Mark finished the Star Wars battlefront 2 before Eric. He was pumped. He bought Tales of Symphonia for the Wii and he and Eric defeated that as well. There is more to do on both games, but the most important stuff is done.

John is throwing fits. He wants complete control of all the screens in the house. We are trying to teach him that just because he wants it and asks for it (over and over and over and over) doesn’t mean he gets it. My TV in particular. It isn’t sinking in very well.

Daniel is doing…whatever. Mostly following John around or playing some game upstairs. He is happy as always, but his speech is degrading. It does that when he is home. I don’t know why.

Everything else is normal, I guess. It is a pretty quiet week.

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