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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

March 5, 2009

Chris decided to go to BYU. Chris said his latest calculus test was easy. His grades were pretty bad this last six weeks though. Other then that, he is busy with his friends, the Orchestra and Band, and church stuff. He is playing basketball a lot on Saturdays with the priests. He got out of marching in the Rodeo Parade because of it. Mr. O (the band director, don’t make me spell his full name) couldn’t get out of it. He wasn’t happy, but said he would make sure he was busy next year.

Eric just went to his DI tournament. They placed 3rd in one category and 5th or 6th in another so they don’t have to (get to?)go to state. I think that is pretty good for a freshmen group, but I have to admit not knowing much about DI.

Mark’s DI team dropped out. They couldn’t get enough people on their team to commit to putting DI before sports and other stuff when the tournament was approaching. They were down to four kids from eight, so they voted to give up. Mark had a great time though. He was committed and working hard. He even gave up a couple of camp outs and cartoons to go to DI. You know how he hates giving up his TV time.

John is doing well. We had a little trouble at Stake conference last Sunday. He wasn’t pleased with going to church in the first place and then to arrive and find out we had to sit in the hard chairs instead of in our normal bench didn’t go over well. Rob, Chris and I sat in the foyer for the first hour with him and then he came sat with everyone else the second hour. It was a broadcast from Salt Lake for most of Texas and parts of Oklahoma and New Mexico so only Katy 2nd, 3rd, and Nottingham Country were in the building. Because of Cub Scouts, a lot of people know about John. I just told people who asked that the entire stake doesn’t know that we need to sit in the same bench (or 3) every Sunday. Our ward knows, and some people from the other wards knows, but not enough to save the bench for us even though we were half an hour early.

One other story about John. For FHE I am teaching the Nursery Manuel to help John and
Daniel understand the gospel a little better. The lessons are short enough and to the point that I can keep their attention and it teaches very basic principles which they have not yet learned. This week’s lesson was on prayer. It had a handout with that song about…We begin by saying Our Heavenly Father and Thank if for the blessings he sends…
Well, John had closing prayer. He read the hand out. He said his first alone prayer and it went like this, Our Heavenly Father (space while he thought) We thank thee for blessings… (space) We ask thee for blessings, In the Name of Jesus Christ Amen. This is exactly what was on the handout. OH…, and during the lesson he very knowledgeably told us in no uncertain terms, “At the end of the prayer, we say AMEN.” I had to prompt for the In the Name part. I think Daniel got it.

Daniel is his happy go lucky self. Robert was home one afternoon watching Hogan’s Hero’s when Daniel got home. Daniel immediately said to Rob…”Woo Ga! Woo Ga!” Rob was completely puzzled and Daniel was getting frustrated until one of the older boys stepped in and said, “He wants to watch Word Girl.” To the rest of us we understood him perfectly. We know Word Girl is on when Daniel gets home, and if it isn’t he asks for it. To us, it was clear as day, but to Rob who doesn’t know this, it was gobble-de-gook. He has been getting so good at saying things that sometimes I forget how garbled it sounds to other people.

Rob is busy with work, scouts, and getting Chris’ college stuff taken care of. He seems a lot less stressed then he normally would be. It has been really nice.

As for me, I was sick for so long at the beginning of February that things have gotten pretty far behind. I need to take care of a bunch of paperwork for band, putting together some skits and stuff for the RS talent show we are doing for the RS birthday thing, gathering Cub Scout day camp forms and imputing them, Daniel’s ARD and all the normal day to day stuff. I reinstituted the 10 minute tidy. It has been working pretty well. The house is looking better at least. John is doing great on his chore of putting away the pillows and blankets and Daniel is helping by picking up stuff that is under tables and computers and stuff. Even Mark is doing it without complaint. I just keep saying stuff like, clean up that spot or take that out to the garage or vacuum.

One of Daniel’s autism tests discovered he was missing one of his chromosomes, number 12. Well, it turns out it is 3 genes on chromosome 12. So, the neurologist had Rob and I do some blood work to see if it was an anomaly or what. It turns out Rob is also missing those genes. Now we are working on seeing if John needs to get some blood work done as well although it seems to me if Rob is missing the genes then all of you would be…so…what does this mean? Not much, other then the neurologist finds it interesting and the doctor that is doing some gene studies for autism that took John’s blood back in august is REALLY interested. The gene doctor was studying something else and that came out normal, but according to the neurologist they are kind of excited about the findings in Daniel and his dad. He said something about it being an indicator of probability of autism as something like 2 in 8 kids. I said something like 2 in 6 qualifies. Later I realized that if you add in Dianna’s girls that would be 2 in 8 although we don’t know if her girls are missing the genes as well. I think it would be interesting to check, but for now we are waiting for Texas Children’s to decide what to do next.

Chris is about to head off to college in a few months and we will be down to four kids at home. Admitted they are an interesting four kids, but still…We have been having family home evening and stuff without Chris a lot because of orchestra practice and because there is a lot of stuff on Sunday evening so we can’t seem to have it then. It feels pretty odd to have Eric, Mark, John and Daniel for FHE and for Scripture and Prayer, since Daniel and John disappear it is even weirder. I am trying to figure out how to get Daniel and John in the room for scripture and prayer without causing a lot of contention. I don’t think it is possible, but I will pray about it. I am sure God has the answer even if I don’t. He can accomplish the impossible.

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