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Saturday, August 15, 2009

August 13, 2009

This week has been much, much better. John’s psychiatrist added some meds, one for constipation, one for behavior. John has been so much more able to take disappointment!!! He desperately wants me to go to blockbuster today, but I told him no. He wasn’t happy, but he didn’t yell and scream. I am thrilled.

My calendar is getting filled up as the beginning of school approaches. I’m having trouble with more then one thing a night as all the meet the teachers and school open houses and grade level orientations are starting. They overlap with speech and scouts.

Eric is busy with marching band every night. Chris is gearing up for school and packing things to be shipped. Mark is…not doing much although he had a couple of days of band this week, but that is it.

John is enjoying his three weeks without school and discovering that you can rent games from blockbuster.

Daniel is happy go lucky. A funny Daniel story... A couple of days ago I opened the fridge to find on the bottom shelf a bowl of water with a single grape in it. Puzzled, I called out to the house, “Why is there a bowl of water with a grape in it in the fridge?” At first no response. When I asked again, I hear a couple of “Huhs?” and Chris said, “I think you need to ask Daniel.” I called Daniel and asked him what this (pointing to the bowl) was. He said, after a few uninteligable words, “Put it in a ice!!!” and he danced around and smiled and was all excited. I said, “What?” mumble mumble, “Put it in a ice!!!” Big smile and dancing.

I said, “You want to freeze the grape in ice?” He said, “Yeah, Yeah!!!” all happy. I said, “O-o-o-h” Then we had a short lesson on, Fridge (lay hand on door) Freezer (lay hand on other door) Repeat 3 or 4 times. The water won’t freeze in the fridge (unless of course you put it on the top shelf in the back for several days, but that is too complicated for Daniel.) I dumped out a little water (the bowl was really full) put a lid on it and showed him how to put it in the freezer. He was a happy, happy camper. That evening I found the bowl on the table full of water but the grape was missing. I asked him about the grape, (point and say where is it? The grape?) he said, “Fridge”. I don’t really know what happened to it. The next day he did it again, only no grape, just a bowl of water. When it was frozen that afternoon he danced around with the ice and showed everybody how he froze water and made us all touch it. Then he let it melt again. That seems to be the end of it. I don’t know if writing is as cute as seeing, but it was a fun story. I asked him at speech about the grape in the water, he said, “Put it in a ice!!!” to his speech teacher. I wanted her to know the answer we got from him. She was puzzled but, I explained it to her. You would think she could understand him by now, but with Daniel, context is everything.

When everyone got home last night, (after Eric got a ride home from band without telling anyone and we sent Chris to go get him and of course Chris doesn’t have a phone) Your Dad said, Finally, Everyone is home. John piped up, except Paul! I tried to explain that he will probably never be in the “everyone is home” category in our home and that Chris will soon be in that category as well, but he still hung onto except Paul. He was asking how long before Paul comes home. I told him another year, but I don’t think he understands that kind of time yet. He sort of does, because of birthdays, but I don’t think it goes very deep. He keeps asking me to get a video game for my birthday. I keep telling him I don’t play video games. He keeps trying to show me the games he is playing (the ones from blockbuster). I keep telling him, I don’t play video games. They make my head hurt. He sort of understands, but not really once again. He wants Daniel to get the video games for his birthday. He does understand his birthday is a long way away.

Daniel’s third MRI is tomarrow. It is about all I can think about, even though I have to pull book club movie night together for tomarrow night, and Pack Meeting is coming up a week from Saturday so I will be busy next week with all the awards, and Book club is coming up again, so I need to go get the book for September so I can read it while I am at Texas Children’s tomarrow. Yeah, I will be extremely busy over the next couple of months.

Daniel’s tumor/cyst is growing. I took him to the pediatrician a couple of weeks ago for the ear infections he got. I asked if he had gotten a report. The doctor said the report said it was growing. Last MRI the neurosurgeon couldn’t tell for sure, but I guess the radiologist report said it was growing. We will need to do something about it if we don’t want him to get hydrocephalus. (that means some kind of brain surgery) I will find out more tomarrow. Once again, we will be seing the neurosurgeon before the radiologist reads the report, but we will be able to see the pictures on the computer screen, and I am hoping to be told more about what is next. Anyway, pray for Daniel as just about everyone is. He is not having any symptoms so that is good and the tumor/cyst is benign, not invading the brain tissue so that is all good. I don’t know whether the next step is a biopsy or if they will go ahead and try to remove it so they only have one operation or if we will still wait and see. Right now…wait and see. The funniest thing about this tumor/cyst thing is the way everyone else gasps when I mention it. I once told a person I was working with in band, “If my sons head explodes, I won’t want to do this,” (I volunteered to head up a marching contest parking lot thing which I did last year). She gasped and her eyes got real big. Good grief! I’m joking! It is my way of dealing with this. How else do you deal with stuff that is serious, but taking a really long time. You make jokes, you cry sometimes, you talk about it (driving everyone else crazy) and you keep on living. Whatever happens, happens and you may as well take it as it comes and trust God that you can deal with it.

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