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Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 20, 2009 Daniel’s MRI went fine

Daniel’s MRI went fine. The neurosurgeon said that it really looks like a cyst (think blister, fluid filled, as opposed to wart, tissue). The cyst is definitely growing, but he said cysts have been known to fluctuate in size, so we wait another 3 months for another MRI. Your dad is not as upset about one in 3 months this time. He didn’t want to spend the money (about $400) on this one, but it sure has relieved my stress. How? You ask. I knew from Daniel’s pediatrician’s report that the cyst was growing, so I could as the questions that were driving me crazy. Even thought the cyst is bigger, it is not growing across the drainage from the ventricle, but growing up into the ventricle giving it a lot more space and far less chance of causing problems for (according to the doctor) about another year assuming it continues to grow. If in November, the cyst is bigger, we will do a biopsy which will (I don’t know the correct verb) pop the cyst and let it drain out. It will probably continue to drain the same way regular brain fluid does. The neurosurgeon says it is a common operation for him. Fact is, he did an emergency one right before our appointment. He also answered my burning question; it will take about a week for Daniel to recover enough to go to school. Daniel needs to be where he can get a lot more language, so, phew!

My stress level has gone down so fast that I am and emotional mess. It won’t stay down for long, school is starting. Daniel has John’s first grade teacherr. John didn’t remember her until I showed a picture on the computer. Then he said, “From 2006 and 2007.” I was astounded. He knew exactly what years he had her for a teacher. I have to work hard to figure that out. At Daniel's school he saw his Kindergarten teacher and went right up to her and hugged her and talked to her. He did the same with the 1st grad teache and the nurse. They were really happy that he was talking to them. Then we headed over to John's school and he met his second grade teacher. He met a friend named Michael and has been bugging me all morning to have him come over to visit. I keep telling him I am too busy today. It is go to the Jr. High and get Mark’s stuff day, so I can’t, not to mention I don’t have a way of contacting Michael. John has learned to invite people over. I was floored on Sunday when he went up to a friend from pre-school and got in his face (because Noah was talking too much and wouldn’t pay attention to John) and said, “I want you to come to my house tomorrow!” He has never invited someone to our house. To bad he didn’t think to ask me first, I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday that got in the way, but I had Noah come over on Tuesday. Since Noah has PDD-NOS they did a lot of playing next to each other and taking turns. Noah enjoyed that John was speaking to him (he remembered when John wouldn’t talk to him at all) and playing and so did John. It was pretty fun.

I’m looking forward Rob getting Chris off to college. His stress level will drop after that and things will be a lot nicer here assuming John can handle loosing his roomy and Daniel can deal with his brother leaving. He was too young when Paul left to really understand what was happening.

Speaking of Daniel, he freaked out at Fielder yesterday. His friend, Haley, came running at him full force and gave him a huge hug and scared the heebie-jeebies out of him. He cried and hung on to me for about ten minutes. I have never seen him act like that. We had to walk around the school with our arms around each other. It was very bizarre. John was fine and Daniel was freaking out. It is usually the opposite. We visited Daniel's kindergarten teacher so he would feel more comfortable and he did better after that. He is in the same room as he was last year, just with a different teacher.

I have been a laughing at the fact that I have 4 kids in 4 different schools, when I realized that BYU is considered a school and I have 5 kids in 5 different schools. But now I just realized that you could consider a mission a type of school, (I am sure there is a lot of learning) and I have 6 kids in 6 different schools. The really funny part, the 4 kids here at home all have new principles this year. How strange is that? Life can sure throw some strange things at you. It keeps it interesting. I have to say I haven’t been bored in a really long time.

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