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Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 27, 2009 I even had to call John's teacher last night because he went berserk

Chris and Rob are gone and school has started. It is quiet when I am at home, but I have been busy running here and there. Mostly, I’m wiped out because John has gone off the deep end. He has discovered that you can invite friends over and he wants them here NOW!!!! Problem is, I don’t know these people or their parents and have no way of contacting them. He also can’t decide which friend he wants to come over on Saturday. Blockbuster is another big fight. I wish I had never told him about that. He has been screaming for 5 day the whole time he is at home and at school he has had to go back to YCAP because he is acting up in class. I even had to call his teacher last night because he went berserk. She talked to him on the phone and he calmed down. I asked her afterward how she could get him to talk to her; all he does with me is scream at me more. She said, “Your Mom.”

Daniel is disconnected at school but doing fine. He saw how to make rainbows on PBS and has been trying ever since. We can’t seem to get it to work. Mark said he knew how to do it, but so far, no good, but Daniel is happy to have a flashlight and keep trying. He is still freezing tons of water in plastic containers in the fridge. I caught him filling up 5 bowls yesterday. (Smile, silly kid)

Mark doesn’t much like getting up and really doesn’t like the homework that has already begun, but he has started to go to bed earlier. Unfortunately, there is a new channel called qubo or something like that. It has vegietale’s penguins on at 9 pm and then anther show Daniel loves at 9:30. I can’t get anyone to go to bed and everyone is mad at Daniel for confiscating the TV at that time. Mark got him watching it over the summer and now I wonder how I will ever get Daniel to bed at a decent time.

Eric is busy with band. He is upset because they are doing tennis at scouts but he has to do band on Wednesdays. He is hoping to be able to attend next week though. He has a list of stuff for me to buy, but I am so unused to this schedule I can’t seem to wake up enough to buy it. I have to take him to seminary. Since you Paul started driving, I actually have finally begun to get good sleep about the time Rob leaves for work. Now what do I do? I have to get up to. (I am actually laughing at myself) I’ll figure it out, I am sure.

I’ve been walking Daniel to school because, once again, I didn’t sign the bus papers. He should be on a bus either tomorrow or Monday. It has gotten me started exercising again. I am glad. It won’t last long, because someone (probably me) will get sick soon, but in the mean time…I walk.

John is dieing to talk to Chris on aim, but apparently, Chris didn’t have the right equipment to get on line at school, so Rob ran out and got the wireless whatever he needed. Hopefully, Chris will be on tonight. I think Chris leaving is why John is having so much trouble. He says, “I really want to talk to Chris!”
Chris was his roomy after all.. I am glad Chris chose to spend some time at college before going on a mission to wean John. I would hate to think what John would be like if he couldn’t talk to Chris.
I have a lot of work to do for the next book club meeting as it will have to be at my house because no one else volunteered and I have got Cub Scout pack meeting coming up with all the awards from day camp. I am going to be very busy over the next couple of weeks. Scratch that, I am ALWAYS busy. I just KNOW ahead of time this next couple of weeks.

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