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Saturday, August 15, 2009

July 30, 2009

I had bad bout with depression a couple of weeks ago that I am still struggling to recover from. My migraine medicine reacted with my anti-depressant and caused me to get even more depressed then I usually do. It was kind of weird, but thanks to some inspiration from My Father in Heaven, instead of renewing the migraine prescription when I went to the pharmacy I asked if there could be a drug interaction. Sure enough there was. Once the headache medicine wore off in about 2 hours I started getting better except for the 5 day headache I had after that. Excedrin (and any other ibuprofen containing meds) cause my blood pressure to go up so I can’t take it any more. I waited a week to go see the doctor (because I already had an appointment). I now have a different migraine medicine to try. The depression and recovery is why I have been struggling with writing lately.

Chris has added baseball to tennis and Frisbee for exercise. He finds some reason to get out twice a day, which is fine. It helps me not rely on him as much.

Eric has a new tic. He keeps trying to spit things out of his mouth. It is really annoying. The gnashing of teeth was irritating, but only if you were sitting nearby. The headshaking was irritating only if he was on the same furniture. The spitting thing is irritating from across the room! I am a little (very little) worried about when he starts school. I don’t think the noise is going to go over very well with his teachers, not to mention the other people in the class. He will probably suppress during school though and drive us crazy at night. Oh, well…Life.

Nothing much is up with Mark. Just constantly telling him to take a shower (which he has yet to take).

I always have stories about John. We went over to the some friends for dinner a week ago. They are a young family. There are just the three of them. Mom, Dad and baby. They had one of those huge lasagnas from Costco which the mom didn’t know how they were going to eat, so they invited us over for dinner. John now knows what and apartment is and has visited one. Anyway, they had Mario Kart Wii. John and Daniel got to play it and of course John was obsessed. On the way home, John was asking if he could call the dad. After two days of being constantly asked if he could call the dad, I rented the game from blockbuster. He loved it and I had a hard time getting him to go to school, but things are calming down now. His obsession is now on super sluggers. ARGH!!! It hasn’t helped that he got sick over the weekend. In fact, several people have been ill around here. Your Dad blamed it on some treats I brought home from church. He thinks it was food poisoning. I think it was yet another virus. It has been a rough year for viruses.

Daniel was one of the people to get sick this last weekend. He has swimmer’s ear (which is an infection in the ear canal) and a regular ear infection (which is behind the eardrum). His ear had a bunch of white ear gunk instead of yellow and then it started draining a bunch of water. I figured I better take him to the doctor. He is a lot happier now, but he doesn’t much like the medicine he has to take, but he does take it so I am proud of him.

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