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Saturday, August 15, 2009

July 9, 2009 A silly story

Eric is off scuba diving for high adventure. Chris is playing tennis and Frisbee every day. Mark is watching videos on the computer. Daniel is into Chip and Dale and the Justice League videos. John is doing what John always does…Playing some video game on something. Rob is in California this week, so things are kind of quiet and calm (as much as it can be with John around.) Chris is loving that we get to have spicy food for dinner. Surprisingly, even John and Daniel have eaten some of the food.

A silly story…We went to the Fourth of July pancake breakfast that the activities committee had at the church. The Hatfield’s were there so-o-o John invited Oliver over to play on Monday at “1 o’clock sharp”. I find it funny that John thinks Oliver is cool. He and Chris have done the video thing on the computer (it doesn’t work all that well) so John thinks Oliver is really cool because he has been on the computer screen. Oliver was 4 minutes late, but John, though uptight, remained in control until Oliver got here. Then he and Oliver played Kingdome Hearts for a few minutes until Oliver turned his DS over to Daniel. (Oliver says that every time John talks to him he asks about Kingdom Hearts.) Oliver spent the day here and everyone had a good time…but and 8 year old inviting an 18 year old over is…I don’t know…Odd.

Chris was ordained an Elder last Sunday. Chris is planning on going on his mission after the first semester at college, so it may be quite a while before you see him again. We’ll see how all the paperwork stuff goes first though; it may not work out the way he would like.

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