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Saturday, August 15, 2009

June 18, 2009 It is really hot here

It is really hot here. We actually haven’t had rain for a couple of weeks. I know there that isn’t much, but we usually have “popcorn” showers every afternoon around here. That hasn’t been happening. I guess we actually get to use the pools a little this year.

A friend of mine said that she would help me teach John and Daniel how to swim, and it won’t cost anything. I told here we would pay her. We are going this afternoon for our first lesson. That should be interesting since I can’t get John to go to a pool.

Eric and Chris leave every day to go play tennis at the school. It is Chris’ way of getting exercise even though a lot of his friends aren’t around. He tried playing Frisbee last night, but only 7 people showed up so they played for a really short time.

Mark is complaining how boring it is around here. Hopefully, he will figure out something to do soon. He goes to scout camp next week anyway.

Rob is busy with some deadline at work. He is usually a lot more irritated when he is under pressure, then he has been lately. I’m not complaining though.

As for me, nothing much going on. I’m just busy with the day to day. I am struggling with getting done what I need too plus what I want.

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