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Saturday, August 15, 2009

June 25, 2009 Mark had the idea that he would just wear the same clothes all week long

It has been a little dull this week. Chris has been gone, learning lifeguarding so he will have a great summer job now and in the future. Mark is off to Camp. Eric is busy reading a book. John is at summer school, and Daniel is well Daniel. He is just busy running around.

The one glitch was that Mark forgot to take his medication with him. His scout leader called because Mark had the idea that he would just wear the same clothes all week long. We made him bring other clothes, but his leader was afraid the jeans were going to be to hot this week. He wanted Mark to have some shorts. But, Mark won’t wear shorts. After seeing the forecast for this week, I bought him some of those pants with zippers and cooler material. I had to hem them. Mark said they wouldn’t fit, but I hope they do because I worked hard on them. (I bought a large men’s size so they would fit around him.) Eric and I spent Monday evening driving to the BSA camp to drop off the clothes and medicine. No one else was going up until Wednesday which meant that Mark wouldn’t have got his medicine for a really long time. I am glad I sent the clothes. At least I know he has the option since it has been over 100 the last couple of days and forecast to stay that way. Our thermometer said 108.9 yesterday. That is of course next to brick on concrete. We are living in a sauna right now and we aren’t even getting the afternoon “popcorn” thunder showers we usually do.

Daniel has learned a lot of little phrases that he is using like “how about that” or “but Mom”. It is kind of cute listening to him. John is in a social skills class at school and learning about expected and unexpected behaviors as well as the 5 point scale (for how loud your voice is…1 being no sound and 5 being yelling) Eric and I are listening to one of your Rob's books on tape. We needed something to do for the 4 hour drive on Monday, but the book is 10 hours of listening. It is pretty good.

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