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Saturday, August 15, 2009

June 4, 2009 Today is the last day of school

Things were a lot easier this week. Letting John play on the computer and the Nintendo makes all the difference in the world. He is not constantly asking about getting to play and me having to say no. I just have to say, after you____(get dressed, go potty, etc.) He can handle that a lot better, and so can I.

Today is the last day of school, so of course it is a half day. I loose track of timeduring the summer in the little things like arbitrating disputes, cooking, teaching, keeping track of where everyone is or has gone, changing diapers, or begging someone to actually use the toilet (think John). Time goes by quickly when you are busy and it goes even quicker each year older you get. (Either things are getting closer together, or I am slowing down. Maybe both.)

I am trying to talk Eric and Chris into becoming lifeguards. It will get them out of the house and making money and it is a summer job they can go back to over and over. Eric said he doesn’t swim well enough right now to be able to do the prerequisites, so I guess it is time to spend a lot of time at the pool. (I say that every year, and never do it.) He could of course walk himself down and build up his endurance and speed, but for some reason Eric doesn’t do stuff like that. Chris is just slow at filling out applications. He is considering it. Problem is, it costs $275 to get the training. I have already spent $400 on little gym for John and Daniel and then another $200 on medicine for me. My doctor has me on all kind of stuff and apparently they cost a lot! I don’t know if Rob will be willing to spend more money on training to be a lifeguard. I suppose if they get a job first and then train (which is one way of doing it, and it brings the cost down) it might be more palatable.

Daniel is back to his normal happy self and I am wondering what to do with him all summer. He gets into so much stuff when he is bored, and he will be bored. He will miss school terribly.

John was telling me he didn’t want to go to school today and he was sick. I told him he didn’t want to miss the last fun day of school. He said yes he did. He got on the bus anyway, so I guess I won. I am glad he will once again be going to summer school. He hates it of course, but it sure makes the next year easier for me. He doesn’t totally get out of the habit of getting on the bus and going to school. I do feel sad that he doesn’t get the break everyone else does, but I believe it is for the best.

Mark and Eric are busy re-reading the Harry Potter series getting ready for the next installment in the movie series. It comes out sometime in July. You will have to wait a year to see it, but I think you can handle that as your focus is elsewhere.

Chris graduated from seminary last Sunday. He gave a pretty good talk as well, but I think all the people who gave talks need to work on adding the spirit. The school is pretty good at teaching them to be funny in their speeches, but there was something missing. Maybe my back was hurting too much for me to notice the spirit. I know I need to bring something to the meeting as well.

Oh, one last Johnny story, he surprised me. I’ve been reading the Book of Mormon stories book (the one with the cartoon like pictures) to John and Daniel while they eat breakfast. Well one day this last week, my timer didn’t wake me up to send them off to school, so I drove them. After I dropped Daniel off at Fielder and was driving John Exley, I decided to ask a few questions about the story. I didn’t think John or Daniel was listening. I asked, “What happened in the story we read this morning.” John answered, “Lehi died.” (He had. It was the one about arriving in the promised land and the skin turning brown.) I asked, “What else happened?” Response, “I don’t know.” I asked, “What happened to Nephi?” Response, “He died.” (He had.) Then I asked what happened to Laman and Lemuel. He didn’t know. So I told him a little bit. I was surprised he knew as much as he did. Every now and then I look ahead at the chapters coming up. John was excited to see a story about King Benjamin coming up. We read it today. He seemed a little disappointed. I am hoping that the stories about King Noah and Ammon will be more interesting to him.

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