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Saturday, August 15, 2009

May 14, 2009 Busy, Busy, Busy

I had a little miracle yesterday. This week has been beyond busy. It is pack meeting week, which means it takes 3 days to put all the awards together, but I was too busy with Daniel’s sleep study and dentist appointments. The bed at Texas Children’s was horrible on my back. When I got home on Tuesday I could hardly walk, so I rested, (not to mention I didn’t sleep well at all.) I finally put together the list for the awards late Tuesday night. On Wednesday morning I was wondering how I was going to make it through the day and get the awards done. I had been wondering about it all week, because my back was giving me so many problems. But then, I turned over and my back popped and it quit hurting. I took John and Daniel to the dentist picked up the awards, ran home, picked up Eric, took him to the dentist, dropped off John and Daniel at their respective schools, got some labels (for the awards), picked up Eric and then started working on the awards at home. It wasn’t until your dad got home from work that I realized I had completely missed Katy 3rds WEBELOS awards. They had 3 more boys getting arrow of lights. It was too late to do anything. It was the worst I have ever done on awards, but the miracle was I got through the day without a whole lot of pain. Today, however, the pain is back. I need to ask my home teacher’s for a blessing. As people keep telling me, this too shall pass. I will survive. I would just survive better if boys would help by cleaning things up off the floor. I can’t bend over! Oh, well, this is life.

I am busy as always. Tomorrow things are a little calmer. Today I have my dietician’s appointment, a physical therapy appointment, and Daniel’s speech, and if I want, roundtable. (I don’t want.) I also need to squeeze in shopping at some point in time, probably after quilt group. I need to just vent at quilt group. Come to think of it, tomorrow might not be better. I need to go get the awards I messed up and go to the temple. (It is “fill the temple” week for our stake. Our ward’s day was Tuesday, but that wasn’t going to work for me. Friday night is ward temple night.) The good news is there is a scout shop near the temple.

Next week I get to baby-sit, Derrick’s baby girl for Monday and Tuesday while they celebrate their anniversary. That will be interesting. After that, I think things slow down a little. I could be wrong though. Things always pop up. I was looking at my calendar last night. It thought the summer would slow down, but I don’t think it does slow down much. Oh, well…Life is not dull at the moment. It was when you were a baby. I got pretty bored sometimes, but it definitely isn’t anymore.

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