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Saturday, August 15, 2009

May 28, 2009 John Pokes a kid in the eye

This week has been stressful. John has been difficult. Last Thursday, I got an e-mail from the school that John had gotten mad and poked another kid in the eye with his pencil. I was not pleased (understatement) and your dad was irate. John got sent back to YCAP for in school suspension after spending some time in the office. After much talking to John and some e-mails from his teacher, we have figured out that John was angry at his aide because he couldn’t keep up with a reading assignment the class was doing together. He has a hard time staying on task. Anyway, instead of striking the teacher, he turned to his neighbor and stabbed him. The child has a scratch on his eye, but is okay and won’t loose the eye or his sight. (PHEW!) We made John make an apology note to his friend and grounded him from video games and the computer through Tuesday. They were out of school on Monday and Tuesday for the Memorial Day holidays. John has had a rough time of it. He has begged and pleaded, and cheated. He also got mad on Sunday and was throwing his jacket around (he covers his head with it during church so we bring it even though it is hot) and hit your dad in the glasses with the zipper so Rob added a day to his grounding. Because he cheated several times on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we took the power chords away and he is grounded again today, but we will let him have full access tomorrow. I can hardly wait! He is driving me crazy! The good news is he has started going outside to play games he learned with wii sports. I got him a t-ball set and he hits balls off the tee. Yesterday he grabbed a tennis racket and ball and has been practicing serving. He was trying to hit the ball with the racket sideways, but Rob showed him what he was doing wrong and John fixed his swing and has been doing well.

This morning John woke me up to go outside. He nearly set off the alarm when Mark was watching him, but Mark was able to turn it off in time. Anyway, I was watching him through the window and he was talking to someone, but I couldn’t figure out whom, so I asked him. He said, “The birds, but they don’t understand. Are they chirping?” lol. We had a short discussion about how birds have their own language and how babies and birds don’t understand us. He may drive me crazy asking for Nintendo every 10 minutes (at least it isn’t 10 seconds) and getting angry every time I say no, but he sure cracks me up at the same time.

Daniel got strep over the weekend and freaked me out. He was so-o-o sick. I ended up taking him to the urgent care center on Sunday. He fell asleep on the doctor bed. As we were leaving and he was weaving down the hall the doctor was like, “get that medicine right away and start him on it!!!” He was that sick. The doctor prescribed Tylenol with codeine for the pain. (Daniel was crying a lot because of it.) But when I gave it to him he broke out in hives and got real flushed. He threw up all night long. I will never give him codeine again. I wasn’t sure if it was the antibiotics or the codeine, but I tried the antibiotics again, and he is doing a hundred percent better. I got real close to taking him to the emergency room that night. He still isn’t totally himself. I haven’t had to change him in 3 days. He was starting to dehydrate because he wouldn’t eat or drink. He was able to go back to school on Wednesday though and is doing well. Antibiotics are a miracle.

Eric went canoeing over the weekend. He had a great time. He is also doing the driving part of drivers ed. He had to drive in the dark last night.

Mark is busy practicing for the end of the year band test. He has had to have spacers in his back teeth (12 year old molars) because they are coming in under his 6 year molars. He is definitely going to need his wisdom teeth pulled.

Chris is totally excited about getting out of school a week before everyone else. He has to speak at seminary graduation next Sunday though. He is getting teased about that.

Daniel and John both went to the dentist recently. They decided not to x-ray Daniel’s teeth unless it is really necessary because of all the MRIs. They don’t want to irradiate his head too much. It took me a while to understand, but in the end I stated it that way and they said, Yeah! John has a cavity. I took him the other day to get it filled, but he wouldn’t take the sleepy medicine. Last time he needed to take it Daniel took it first, so John did all right, but this time he just would not. He even spit it out at me, so I had to make another appointment. If he would have taken it, he probably would have slept all day Tuesday and not have cheated so much on his punishment. John often shoots himself in the foot. Crazy kid.

As for me, I am running around to doctor’s and dentist appointments. I am working on quilts and planning for the summer. Stuff like that. Today I have to spend a bunch of time finishing up a few missing things on day camp forms. Other then that I just have speech, quilt group (the have been doing another friendship quilt, and I want to see everyone’s even though I didn’t participate) physical therapy (for my back) and turning in forms. I promised John I would take him to a tennis court on Saturday, so I am going to be busy. I think next week is some end of year parties. Oh no!! Daniel’s has a lunch thing at 10:30 today!! So much for quilt group. I better get something together. Oh, wait, I made a sandwich yesterday for lunch which I didn’t eat. I put it in the fridge. I’ll be okay. I have something ready.


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