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Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 20, 2009-Daniel's MRI #4

Daniel's MRI #4 was today. The cyst has grown a little bit, not as much as the last time. We now have a major decision. Either go ahead and do the biopsy or wait six months and have another MRI. The doctor recommends the biopsy because there is the possibility of it not being a cyst and Daniel could need other treatments but says there is no right answer.

November 19, 2009-John got his pillow pet

John got his pillow pet finally this week. It is a frog. He has carried it everywhere. He and Daniel had there 6 months dental cleaning yesterday. They brought their pillow pets with them. A lady sitting on a couch as we were leaving the building asked to see them. She said her grandson wanted one and she was thinking about it for christmas.

Monday, November 16, 2009

November 12, 2009-Daniel earned his pillow pet

Daniel earned his pillow pet this last week. He was so-o-o excited. He got a bumble bee. When we opened the box he pulled it out and danced around and said and laughed excitedly. If you have ever seen and excited kid on America's Funniest Home videos, that was him.

John is totally envious. He wants his own pillow pet and has also earned it but he kept picking ones that were out of stock so we couldn't order it. He finally decided on a frog and will be getting his in the next week. John has been trying to take over Daniel's bumble bee. Daniel has been wonderful about sharing with John and John understands that it belongs to Daniel so when Daniel says no he is okay with it though I don't think Daniel has actually said no. I have had to tell John, "No, you cannot take it too school! It belongs to Daniel and besides it is too big." I don't know how I am going to tell him that he can't take his own to school. I asked Daniel what he was going to name his bee. He said, "Bzzz". So I said, "Buzz?" He said, "No, Bzzz," but it has ended up being Buzz and it works.

I was worried that once Daniel got his pillow pet he would not use the toilet anymore, but I put up another chart and he is doing really well. Wohoo! One kid pretty much potty trained and John well on his way. They both are having trouble staying dry at night, other then that they go in the toilet. Yipee!!! I have been potty training FOREVER! I am so glad to have success.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 5, 2009 "I Quit!"

John has had his ups and downs this week. He has a new way of acting out. He stomps his foot or slams something down and yells, “I quit!” and then leaves the room. I have been a little stunned by it, but it is kind of funny at the same time. I wonder where he learned this behavior. I don’t recall seeing it on TV anywhere, but then I don’t watch as much as he does. I’ll have to ask around. He later will come back and apologize and give a hug. He is much better able to get himself under control when he has lost it.

He has also been in the regular second grade classroom for the past week or so instead of YCAP. I guess after having a parent teacher conference she realized that the excuse that my staff was cut and I don’t have someone to send with him wasn’t actually legal. I didn’t actually figure that out for a couple of days. I understood that John takes up too much of the classroom aide’s time and that the YCAP staff was cut. I just mentioned that maybe I needed to call an ARD meeting and ask for a shadow for him. I was kind of thinking about it when I decided to call my advocate and ask if it was legal for them not to have him in the regular Ed classroom just because they didn’t have the staff. While the advocate people were discussing his case, I was told that he was in the regular Ed classroom with an aide. So…now I have an appointment downtown with the advocate for a problem that doesn’t really exist anymore. I guess I will just have to ask anyway.

Daniel is doing great. I have sort of put him on the Feingold diet. That is…not giving him anything with artificial flavors, colorings and a few of the preservatives. Even your dad says he is calmer and not as hyper. I had asked him if it was worth it because it is hard to find food that doesn’t have the artificial stuff, especially cereal that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. And as you know, Daniel lives on cereal. The good part is that I don’t have to worry about Kool-Aid or juice or anything like that because he doesn’t drink that kind of stuff anyway. The Halloween candy had Daniel jumping (not just bouncing) off the walls. I got a call on Tuesday from his teacher telling me he had a great day. I think it was because Monday was probably really bad as all the junk hadn’t gotten out of his system yet. I am not totally strict at the diet, but it seems he can tolerate a little bit. The next step would be to remove milk. I’ve done that before. I just used the rice milk instead, remember? I’m not ready for that yet though. I am still adjusting to your dad’s stuff.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October 24, 2009 Houston Walk for Autism

John has struggled this week. I think he has been a little sick. He hasn’t run a fever but he has been really off and complaining that he doesn’t feel well. He wouldn’t do his part in the primary program although during the practices he did great. I think he just wasn’t feeling well at church that day. He had a bad day at school as well. He wouldn’t complete his work so the bus had to leave without him and come back and get him later. It was to teach him the bus would actually leave. His YCAP teacher has been getting him to do his work at the end of the day by telling him the bus was about to leave. She said he would get a lot done in the last ten minutes of class time. I’m guessing he decided to see if it really would leave. It did. His teacher called me to tell me John would be late. He got home at about 5 minutes to 5 pm instead of at 4. He was just in time to go to Karate. His class starts at 5. What was amazing is he did great at Karate and the rest of the night. He is such an unpredictable kid. They asked us to do Karate with the kids. I had to split my time between John and Daniel. They loved having me in there though and I was able to help Daniel get the correct arms when doing their Kata. He forgets to switch arms when they turn around.

Speaking of Daniel…He has had a great week. I took him with me to the autism walk. Daniel walked the whole 2 miles. He jumped in the bouncy and took pictures with some mascots. Then we walked back to the car. We had a couple of rows left and his head and shoulders drooped and he said, “I tired. I not walk anymore.” I didn’t get a picture of that, but I did ask him to act tired and that is what the attached picture is. It wasn’t as cute as when he actually did it. He closed his eyes to go to sleep when I asked him to act tired. I couldn’t get him to understand what I wanted, so I just took the picture. It is really cute anyway.

It is the end of October so Daniel got to take a pumpkin to school. He was really excited. I forgot I needed to get a pumpkin so I went to Kroger late Tuesday night to pick one up. They were all really big. I found the smallest one I could. Daniel looked so cute carrying it. I should have taken a picture of him with it, but didn’t think of it till just now. He was like, “heavy”. Today I sent him with a lunch box because, according to his aide, there is nothing on the lunch menu he likes. He was thrilled. He is so funny about being excited about everything. Admitted, I have been using a lunch box to send John’s snack everyday and Daniel has been asking for one so I guess he was happy to get what he wanted. I just hope the water bottle I sent doesn’t leak all over the place.

Did I tell you John got his Bobcat badge? He won’t wear his uniform, but he earned the badge just before last pack meeting. I am using his scout book as homework for him. I am pretty inconsistent because I am gone a lot, but we are well on the way to wolf. It took me a long time to figure out how to get him to do stuff, but the amazing thing is, he is enjoying it. We talked about how to stop the spread of colds and what to do with a small cut. I asked about a big cut and taught him to get help with that. He got it. I was surprised he was listening to me. He has been brushing his teeth every night for the past couple of weeks. I guess that tooth pulling really made an impression. The funny thing is, he uses a new toothbrush every time he brushes. I have run out of new tooth brushes, but he found the astronaut spin brush and has settled on that for the last couple of nights. He and Daniel have been great about brushing their teeth. Maybe I should have Mark and Eric get a tooth pulled. I wonder what would work for bathing on Mark and Eric. John has decided he likes showers as well. Go figure.

October 22, 2009 all the consonants were there

I figured out how to calm the fighting between Mark and John. I made a schedule for the computer and things have calmed down a bit.

John, as always, is and up and down ride. He is still much more social. He was asking the girls in his class to kiss him on the cheek on Sunday. I asked his YCAP teacher to write a social story about that to teach him that is inappropriate. I told him but I don’t know if is sunk in. He loves that he earned his Bobcat in Cub Scouts. I finally figured out how to teach him each line of the promise and the law. He did really well with a little resistance as the things he had to recite got longer, but he was and is real proud of himself for learning it. I had him learn one line a day. He had to repeat it 3 times before I would say his "homework" was done. He is going pretty well at Cub Scouts now. I can’t leave him by himself, but he is staying in the room now and even answering questions occasionally. He had a little fun at school yesterday. They make him try everything on his lunch tray. If he doesn’t eat a little bit, they make him eat the whole thing back in the room. Apparently he made a huge mess so they had to give him a shower and in doing so found his cradle cap (the gunk on his head that I’ve been trying to get rid of since he was a baby.) His YCAP teacher scrubbed his head til it was gone. I have tried and tried and nothing I did worked. He is finally cradle cap free. Wohoo! AND, AND, AND he is using the upstairs toilet! I found him in there this morning when I went upstairs to wake him up. I think, as long as he isn’t sick, he MIGHT not use the carpet anymore. He just needs to stay healthy long enough to make it a really good habit. He does really well as long as he isn’t sick or overly tired.

On to Daniel, sweet as ever. His allergies are really bad right now. He is sooo stuffed up and licking his nose and picking it and yes, gross as it is, eating it. We’re trying to break him of that habit but it is really hard with Daniel to teach him stuff like that. He is doing great with the potty training as well. He still needs a pull up at night because he doesn’t stay dry while he sleeps, but day time is great. He really wants that pillow pet. What am I going to use to keep him on track once he earns it? Both John and Daniel are about half way to their pillow pets. Daniel’s speech is growing by leaps and bounds. He still isn’t at seven but I think he is getting above 3 years old now. He uses sentences almost all the time. (Do any of us always use full sentences?) Rob asked him to get something off the table for him. When he brought it back your dad asked him what it was and Daniel answered clear as day, magnifying glass. Rob was astounded, all the consonants were there and he actually knew what it was.

October 15, 2009 The Good and the Bad

John had a filling fall out and couldn’t eat so last Friday we had an emergency visit to the dentist. His dentist wasn’t available so I took him to our dentist. He did fantastic. Dr. Long pulled his tooth. John didn’t like it, but he put up with it. It was a baby tooth. The problem was the x-ray only showed half the tooth. The half they could see looked like the root was mostly gone so they thought it wouldn’t be too bad, but the root they couldn’t see was still really long. Dr. Long didn’t want to give him to much Novocain for fear that he would chew his tongue and cheek, so John went through a lot, but he took it really well. I think he didn’t like not being able to eat.

I have gotten Daniel to go #2 in the potty!!!!! I finally found a way to entice him. He asked me for a new thing on TV called a pillow pet. He actually said…”Mom, I wanna Pillow Pet.” At first I thought, Christmas present, but then I thought, what if I use a sticker chart. Will he understand it? I thought I would try since John had just earned a DS, I thought Daniel might get it. So I showed him the chart and explained about going in the toilet and getting a sticker. When he gets 20, he gets a pillow pet. He got it! Whoot! A couple of days latter he came dancing into my room, (naked of course) “Mom, I go poop in potty!” I gave him a sticker of course. He hasn’t been perfect. He is still forgetting, but he has 6 stickers!!!! In about a week and a half. That is so great. The last chart had 2 stickers after 3 years! (I threw it away about 4 months ago.) I finely found an enticement that will work for him. I’ve been racking my brain for years and he finally came to me and asked for something and its working. John is following suite. He has been doing pretty well also. He decided he wanted a pillow pet as well. It will be interesting when the time comes in a couple of weeks.

So, things are going good (potty training) and things are going bad (cavities and teeth being pulled) and things are crazy as usual.

October 1, 2009 2 fun Daniel Stories

John is doing okay. We had a couple of problems the last couple of days with peeing on the floor. I thought we had that down, but I guess I’m not paying enough attention. I can usually spot when he needs to go. He has started having problems at night. He does pretty well in the day time, but at night or first thing in the morning he still goes in the hall. As far as #2, he is doing really well. Not perfect, but really well. He is on a new medicine that helps him be less constipated. He says, “I like poop medicine! It makes the poop come out easier.” He doesn’t resist going to the restroom hardly at all anymore. I just have to keep reminding him that he needs to go when he starts the potty dance or wiggle. No more potty battles! Woohoo! Both he and Daniel take care of the underwear/pull up and I just clean them off. Your Dad, put Paul’s old dresser in our room and it has all the clothes and pull ups so they dress themselves pretty much except first thing in the morning. I still get out their clothes for school.

On to Daniel…He is doing great. He is reading well for him, considering his lack of vocabulary. I think it is actually helping him learn new words and speak in sentences. His teacher sends home books at his level each week. He does a pretty good job of reading them but still won’t sound out words. If he is unsure he just won’t read it. Once he knows what it is though, it is in there for good. Of course, some words I can’t tell if he is reading them right because he still leaves off consenents and mumbles.

Daniel's next MRI is on November 20th, so until then, we won’t know anymore about his cyst. Hopefully the cyst will not have grown or will have shrunk on the next MRI. We’ll have to wait and see.

Okay…Fun Daniel stories.

#1 We were assigned to clean the church last Saturday. Mark had a merit badge fair so he couldn’t help. Eric chose to clean so he was there. I brought John and Daniel. John, Daniel and I were assigned cleaning the windows in the doors. John managed to clean a couple of windows, but Daniel helped me do all of the windows in the doors. When we completed that I thought we should try to clean the white part of the doors. We started at the ones in the rear of the building. I sprayed the bottom and asked him to wipe it. I started wiping it, looked at the black scuff marks, looked at me and said, “It dirt!” (it, not its) then got up and walked away. I wish everyone could see the look on his face. I’ve been laughing to myself ever since. (Just in case you don’t get it. He didn’t understand that we were cleaning the dirt of the windows.)

#2 Before church on Sunday we were discussing how Mark was going to do Fast offereings. Rob was leaving for Washington and said, “I can’t drive, I have to pack.” I said that I suppose I could, but I really don’t want too. I have been sick and I had done to much cleaning at the church and wasn’t up to par yet. Daniel pipes up and says, “I can drive.” Your Dad said, “Yes, you can drive Mario Kart can’t you.” We all giggled. In the end the parent of Mark's partner drove the route.

September 17, 2009 “When I grow up, I want to be just like you.”

It is a quiet week except for the sniffles and coughs around here. Eric and Mark sound a little better and Daniel’s nose isn’t quite as read as it was so I think people are starting to get better. Daniel stayed home for Monday and Tuesday, Monday for the dripping nose and Tuesday because he got the runs Monday night, but he is happy to be back on the bus to school. Rob has been home though. He said it had to do with something about swine flu and not going in when you have flu like symptoms.

John and I had a big fight at little gym. I had to spank him a few times because he wanted to run out to the car across the parking lot and when I held him he hit me. I have been kind of half waiting for CPS, but so far no one has showed up so I guess no one there was offended.

John told your dad the other day, “When I grow up, I want to be just like you.” Then he started spouting off the advertisement for “the perfect brownie pan”. Who knows if John really meant it or if he was just quoting something he heard. He is funny.

Daniel has been giving some really good sentences. I wish I could remember one, but I can’t now .  He had his seventh birthday.

September 10, 2009 John and Mark spend their afternoons fighting over the computer

John and Mark spend their afternoons fighting over the computer. Mark is watching reruns of Numb3rs on the internet now. It has a really slow download which is frustrating him to no end, not to mention John constantly asking for a Nintendo download. He would be a lot better off if he could figure out a way for John to “earn” the download. His dad told John not to mention it again until Friday and THEN he would consider it.

John is doing better except for the download thing. We have the game he wants on another computer simulator so Mark is saying no. The one saving grace is that John has been using the toilet quite a bit. His medicine is helping him with that. He also told me on Tuesday after I gave him a shower, “I am not afraid of showers anymore. I like water. I am going to take a shower again tomorrow.” I told him I hoped he would learn to take a shower all by himself sometime. He answered, “I am going to take a shower upstairs all by myself.” He then talked about how upstairs had a shower curtain and I explained why showers have curtains or doors. He didn’t actually take the shower, but just the thought of him being able too has lifted my spirits.

Daniel is doing great. He has the sniffles right now but no fever so I think his allergies are beginning to get to him. He is enjoying Karate at Little Gym. Even John went nicely this week. After weeks of having to fight, it was really nice.

September 3, 2009 John is using toilet most of the time. Yahoo!!!

John is finally understanding that I am not going to blockbuster all the time and he can’t have friends over every day. His friend Michael came over on Saturday but didn’t stay long because our house “smelled funny/bad”. I don’t blame him. Michael’s Mom had gone to the hospital the night before with appendicitis and was having it removed while he was at our house. I think he was a little worried. A nice side note is that John is going in the toilet most of the time. Yahoo!!! He has 4 more stickers to a new game and can hardly wait. Of course, once he gets a game, the empty sheet will be overwhelming and it will take a while for another one to fill up. I don’t know how to fix that yet. He has a second sheet for staying clean and dry. It has 4 stickers on it. I am hoping by the time he gets the game for the 1st sheet that the second sheet will be full enough that it will motivate him to keep trying.

Daniel is his spinny happy self. We are still struggling with getting him to turn off qubo and go to bed, but since we are doing a lot better on scriptures and he seems a lot more tired in the evening, he is slowly going to bed a little earlier each night (as long as I am home and send him to bed. Why won’t his dad or Mark and Eric do that? I have never understood that.