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Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 5, 2009 "I Quit!"

John has had his ups and downs this week. He has a new way of acting out. He stomps his foot or slams something down and yells, “I quit!” and then leaves the room. I have been a little stunned by it, but it is kind of funny at the same time. I wonder where he learned this behavior. I don’t recall seeing it on TV anywhere, but then I don’t watch as much as he does. I’ll have to ask around. He later will come back and apologize and give a hug. He is much better able to get himself under control when he has lost it.

He has also been in the regular second grade classroom for the past week or so instead of YCAP. I guess after having a parent teacher conference she realized that the excuse that my staff was cut and I don’t have someone to send with him wasn’t actually legal. I didn’t actually figure that out for a couple of days. I understood that John takes up too much of the classroom aide’s time and that the YCAP staff was cut. I just mentioned that maybe I needed to call an ARD meeting and ask for a shadow for him. I was kind of thinking about it when I decided to call my advocate and ask if it was legal for them not to have him in the regular Ed classroom just because they didn’t have the staff. While the advocate people were discussing his case, I was told that he was in the regular Ed classroom with an aide. So…now I have an appointment downtown with the advocate for a problem that doesn’t really exist anymore. I guess I will just have to ask anyway.

Daniel is doing great. I have sort of put him on the Feingold diet. That is…not giving him anything with artificial flavors, colorings and a few of the preservatives. Even your dad says he is calmer and not as hyper. I had asked him if it was worth it because it is hard to find food that doesn’t have the artificial stuff, especially cereal that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. And as you know, Daniel lives on cereal. The good part is that I don’t have to worry about Kool-Aid or juice or anything like that because he doesn’t drink that kind of stuff anyway. The Halloween candy had Daniel jumping (not just bouncing) off the walls. I got a call on Tuesday from his teacher telling me he had a great day. I think it was because Monday was probably really bad as all the junk hadn’t gotten out of his system yet. I am not totally strict at the diet, but it seems he can tolerate a little bit. The next step would be to remove milk. I’ve done that before. I just used the rice milk instead, remember? I’m not ready for that yet though. I am still adjusting to your dad’s stuff.

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