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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October 1, 2009 2 fun Daniel Stories

John is doing okay. We had a couple of problems the last couple of days with peeing on the floor. I thought we had that down, but I guess I’m not paying enough attention. I can usually spot when he needs to go. He has started having problems at night. He does pretty well in the day time, but at night or first thing in the morning he still goes in the hall. As far as #2, he is doing really well. Not perfect, but really well. He is on a new medicine that helps him be less constipated. He says, “I like poop medicine! It makes the poop come out easier.” He doesn’t resist going to the restroom hardly at all anymore. I just have to keep reminding him that he needs to go when he starts the potty dance or wiggle. No more potty battles! Woohoo! Both he and Daniel take care of the underwear/pull up and I just clean them off. Your Dad, put Paul’s old dresser in our room and it has all the clothes and pull ups so they dress themselves pretty much except first thing in the morning. I still get out their clothes for school.

On to Daniel…He is doing great. He is reading well for him, considering his lack of vocabulary. I think it is actually helping him learn new words and speak in sentences. His teacher sends home books at his level each week. He does a pretty good job of reading them but still won’t sound out words. If he is unsure he just won’t read it. Once he knows what it is though, it is in there for good. Of course, some words I can’t tell if he is reading them right because he still leaves off consenents and mumbles.

Daniel's next MRI is on November 20th, so until then, we won’t know anymore about his cyst. Hopefully the cyst will not have grown or will have shrunk on the next MRI. We’ll have to wait and see.

Okay…Fun Daniel stories.

#1 We were assigned to clean the church last Saturday. Mark had a merit badge fair so he couldn’t help. Eric chose to clean so he was there. I brought John and Daniel. John, Daniel and I were assigned cleaning the windows in the doors. John managed to clean a couple of windows, but Daniel helped me do all of the windows in the doors. When we completed that I thought we should try to clean the white part of the doors. We started at the ones in the rear of the building. I sprayed the bottom and asked him to wipe it. I started wiping it, looked at the black scuff marks, looked at me and said, “It dirt!” (it, not its) then got up and walked away. I wish everyone could see the look on his face. I’ve been laughing to myself ever since. (Just in case you don’t get it. He didn’t understand that we were cleaning the dirt of the windows.)

#2 Before church on Sunday we were discussing how Mark was going to do Fast offereings. Rob was leaving for Washington and said, “I can’t drive, I have to pack.” I said that I suppose I could, but I really don’t want too. I have been sick and I had done to much cleaning at the church and wasn’t up to par yet. Daniel pipes up and says, “I can drive.” Your Dad said, “Yes, you can drive Mario Kart can’t you.” We all giggled. In the end the parent of Mark's partner drove the route.

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