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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October 15, 2009 The Good and the Bad

John had a filling fall out and couldn’t eat so last Friday we had an emergency visit to the dentist. His dentist wasn’t available so I took him to our dentist. He did fantastic. Dr. Long pulled his tooth. John didn’t like it, but he put up with it. It was a baby tooth. The problem was the x-ray only showed half the tooth. The half they could see looked like the root was mostly gone so they thought it wouldn’t be too bad, but the root they couldn’t see was still really long. Dr. Long didn’t want to give him to much Novocain for fear that he would chew his tongue and cheek, so John went through a lot, but he took it really well. I think he didn’t like not being able to eat.

I have gotten Daniel to go #2 in the potty!!!!! I finally found a way to entice him. He asked me for a new thing on TV called a pillow pet. He actually said…”Mom, I wanna Pillow Pet.” At first I thought, Christmas present, but then I thought, what if I use a sticker chart. Will he understand it? I thought I would try since John had just earned a DS, I thought Daniel might get it. So I showed him the chart and explained about going in the toilet and getting a sticker. When he gets 20, he gets a pillow pet. He got it! Whoot! A couple of days latter he came dancing into my room, (naked of course) “Mom, I go poop in potty!” I gave him a sticker of course. He hasn’t been perfect. He is still forgetting, but he has 6 stickers!!!! In about a week and a half. That is so great. The last chart had 2 stickers after 3 years! (I threw it away about 4 months ago.) I finely found an enticement that will work for him. I’ve been racking my brain for years and he finally came to me and asked for something and its working. John is following suite. He has been doing pretty well also. He decided he wanted a pillow pet as well. It will be interesting when the time comes in a couple of weeks.

So, things are going good (potty training) and things are going bad (cavities and teeth being pulled) and things are crazy as usual.

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