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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October 22, 2009 all the consonants were there

I figured out how to calm the fighting between Mark and John. I made a schedule for the computer and things have calmed down a bit.

John, as always, is and up and down ride. He is still much more social. He was asking the girls in his class to kiss him on the cheek on Sunday. I asked his YCAP teacher to write a social story about that to teach him that is inappropriate. I told him but I don’t know if is sunk in. He loves that he earned his Bobcat in Cub Scouts. I finally figured out how to teach him each line of the promise and the law. He did really well with a little resistance as the things he had to recite got longer, but he was and is real proud of himself for learning it. I had him learn one line a day. He had to repeat it 3 times before I would say his "homework" was done. He is going pretty well at Cub Scouts now. I can’t leave him by himself, but he is staying in the room now and even answering questions occasionally. He had a little fun at school yesterday. They make him try everything on his lunch tray. If he doesn’t eat a little bit, they make him eat the whole thing back in the room. Apparently he made a huge mess so they had to give him a shower and in doing so found his cradle cap (the gunk on his head that I’ve been trying to get rid of since he was a baby.) His YCAP teacher scrubbed his head til it was gone. I have tried and tried and nothing I did worked. He is finally cradle cap free. Wohoo! AND, AND, AND he is using the upstairs toilet! I found him in there this morning when I went upstairs to wake him up. I think, as long as he isn’t sick, he MIGHT not use the carpet anymore. He just needs to stay healthy long enough to make it a really good habit. He does really well as long as he isn’t sick or overly tired.

On to Daniel, sweet as ever. His allergies are really bad right now. He is sooo stuffed up and licking his nose and picking it and yes, gross as it is, eating it. We’re trying to break him of that habit but it is really hard with Daniel to teach him stuff like that. He is doing great with the potty training as well. He still needs a pull up at night because he doesn’t stay dry while he sleeps, but day time is great. He really wants that pillow pet. What am I going to use to keep him on track once he earns it? Both John and Daniel are about half way to their pillow pets. Daniel’s speech is growing by leaps and bounds. He still isn’t at seven but I think he is getting above 3 years old now. He uses sentences almost all the time. (Do any of us always use full sentences?) Rob asked him to get something off the table for him. When he brought it back your dad asked him what it was and Daniel answered clear as day, magnifying glass. Rob was astounded, all the consonants were there and he actually knew what it was.

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