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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

September 10, 2009 John and Mark spend their afternoons fighting over the computer

John and Mark spend their afternoons fighting over the computer. Mark is watching reruns of Numb3rs on the internet now. It has a really slow download which is frustrating him to no end, not to mention John constantly asking for a Nintendo download. He would be a lot better off if he could figure out a way for John to “earn” the download. His dad told John not to mention it again until Friday and THEN he would consider it.

John is doing better except for the download thing. We have the game he wants on another computer simulator so Mark is saying no. The one saving grace is that John has been using the toilet quite a bit. His medicine is helping him with that. He also told me on Tuesday after I gave him a shower, “I am not afraid of showers anymore. I like water. I am going to take a shower again tomorrow.” I told him I hoped he would learn to take a shower all by himself sometime. He answered, “I am going to take a shower upstairs all by myself.” He then talked about how upstairs had a shower curtain and I explained why showers have curtains or doors. He didn’t actually take the shower, but just the thought of him being able too has lifted my spirits.

Daniel is doing great. He has the sniffles right now but no fever so I think his allergies are beginning to get to him. He is enjoying Karate at Little Gym. Even John went nicely this week. After weeks of having to fight, it was really nice.

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