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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

September 3, 2009 John is using toilet most of the time. Yahoo!!!

John is finally understanding that I am not going to blockbuster all the time and he can’t have friends over every day. His friend Michael came over on Saturday but didn’t stay long because our house “smelled funny/bad”. I don’t blame him. Michael’s Mom had gone to the hospital the night before with appendicitis and was having it removed while he was at our house. I think he was a little worried. A nice side note is that John is going in the toilet most of the time. Yahoo!!! He has 4 more stickers to a new game and can hardly wait. Of course, once he gets a game, the empty sheet will be overwhelming and it will take a while for another one to fill up. I don’t know how to fix that yet. He has a second sheet for staying clean and dry. It has 4 stickers on it. I am hoping by the time he gets the game for the 1st sheet that the second sheet will be full enough that it will motivate him to keep trying.

Daniel is his spinny happy self. We are still struggling with getting him to turn off qubo and go to bed, but since we are doing a lot better on scriptures and he seems a lot more tired in the evening, he is slowly going to bed a little earlier each night (as long as I am home and send him to bed. Why won’t his dad or Mark and Eric do that? I have never understood that.

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