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Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18, 2010-Daniel went back to school on Tuesday

Daniel went back to school on Tuesday, (Monday was a holiday). Daniel has actually broken his foot way back when…I can’t remember when he first started to complain, sometime in October or November. He has a couple of hairline fractures. They are mostly healed now, but still cause him a little pain and he limps a little going up and down stairs or walking barefoot. Poor baby…Stupid mommy. I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t take it seriously enough because he only complained when he ran at Little Gym. He really does have a high pain tolerance. The Doctor said they wouldn’t have done anything different though and since he is already under doctor’s orders to do only as much stuff at school as he can tolerate, there wasn’t much more to do (except kick myself). Oh, well…I am okay about it now. It actually just tells me how much Daniel needed the second and third tubes in his head. He must have been in a tremendous amount of pain to act the way he did.

As soon as Daniel went back to school, John went off the deep end. He has had a rough week. He did great the whole time Daniel was in the hospital and even when Daniel was home, but the moment he realized Daniel was well enough to go to school…I am not surprised. I knew he would have trouble eventually. It is a typical way for a child to deal with stress. I was just surprised it didn’t happen the minute we got home from the hospital. He’ll be fine soon enough. It usually takes a young child about a month when stuff like this happens. I expect that will be about how long it will take John to fully get his feelings out. I am pretty sure he doesn’t understand what is going on inside of himself and can’t express it. Maybe I will have a talk with him over the next week. One thing is for sure…He needs some mommy time. I am not sure how to give it too him in a way he will like but I am sure I will figure it out. Inspiration is a great thing to have as a mom. You boys have no idea how much inspiration a mom gets in raising her children. It is a daily occurrence, especially with kids like John and Daniel.

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