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Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 2, 2010-John did really well while Daniel was at the hospital

Daniel is doing great. He is probably ready to go back to school but we are under orders to keep him home until after the 12th. He is almost back to normal. He doesn’t quite have the total sparkle back and he is a little grumpy, but other than that he is totally fine. He isn’t running everywhere yet, but for some reason, his foot hurts. I think he injured it several weeks back during karate so I will have his pediatrician look into it. I just didn’t want him around sick people at the dr. office yet. We will go next week sometime, when I feel better.

John did really well while Daniel was at the hospital. Now he is being typical John, fighting everything he is made to do. He has had a little set back in potty training as well. That is to be expected when major stress has been in the house. Kids have setbacks. He is really good with Daniel though. He hasn’t hit him at all this week. He isn’t taking out his anger on Daniel at all either. I asked him what he thought about Daniel’s surgery. He said, “What is surgery?” At the time he was half way to the bus so I told him to ask his teachers. He said later that his teachers didn’t know. I figure they didn’t want to be the ones to explain. I got out some paper and tried to show him, but when I got to the part of there was something growing in Daniel’s brain, I started to loose him. I could see it in his eyes. When I said, “The cut his head open…” he collapsed behind the couch and wouldn’t have anything more to do with it. He ran upstairs. It occurred to me a couple of days later that I forgot to tell him they put Daniel to sleep…so I told him that Daniel didn’t feel anything and was asleep like when you have your teeth worked on at the dentist. He just picked his fingers. I’m not sure he even heard me. He does ask Daniel how his “brain surgery” is.

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