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Thursday, February 18, 2010

January 21, 2010-The growth in Daniel's brain is a tumor

Daniel's first surgery went pretty well. The growth in his brain is a tumor not a cyst. I don't remember the name of the kind of it but I do know it is a low grade tumor that has a pretty good chance of not coming back. It is not malignant. We will watch it for the next year or so to see what happens. Same as we have been doing. The doctor was able to get about 2/3 of it out with the equipment he was using and said that it did not have a good blood supply. He said the chances of it remaining the same are pretty good...not 50%...but significant. He also said the survival rate is 98% for 5 and 10 years (meaning at least that long and probably longer). The treatment for it is surgery. We all ready did that. Daniel now has oncologists as well as a neurosurgeon. We will meet with the oncologist in the future. They will also be viewing Daniel's MRIs.

As for this last couple of I said, Daniel's surgery went well. Part of brain surgery is that you put an external drain in the head to help with the build up of fluid while the brain swells from the "trauma" caused by messing around with it. That went well until they went to take it out. Daniel hemoraged then. Nobody really knows why, he just did and I was told it was pretty rare for that to happen. He got a really bad headache so he went back to surgery and got another drain. For some reason, probably because Daniel moves a lot, it pulled out of the ventrical (not out of the head) and stopped working. Daniel started having a severe headache. The doctor's were not concerned until the drain started working again. That is how they knew there was a after a CT scan Daniel went back into surgery and got the drain put in on the other side of his head because they didn't want to do anymore damage on the right side. The poor child has 5 wholes in his head...the 2 entrance wounds for the scopes and stuff to see what they are doing and the 3 exit wounds for the drains.

The 3rd drain is working really well and has for several days. He has been running a fever, his head still hurts and his eyes and ears as well. He has an outer ear infection (meaning in the canal, not behind the eardrums). He is doing well today and has been slowly getting better over the past week. His last surgery was Sunday night. The physical therapy people and the occupational therapy people were in to see him today. They got him out of bed for the first time since Jan 12 and he walked down the hall. He did really well. I thought he was a lot weaker then he turned out to be.

The earliest we will be going home is next wednesday. He has a CT scan tomarrow and if that looks good they will "start weaning him" off the EVD (drain). That would take a lot to explain but after all he has been through it will take about 5 days and then they will remove it. If everything is going well, he is eating and his digestive track is okay and he is pretty much back to normal, we will go home.

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