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Thursday, February 18, 2010

January 7, 2010-John and Daniel loved having Grandma and Grandpa here

I am a little nervous about Daniel’s biopsy on Tuesday. It is at 8 am if you want to say a little prayer. After the surgery I am going to have Eric facebook the results so people (namely family) can find out quickly. I won’t have access to a computer for the couple of days we will be in the hospital. I am assuming they want me to stay as well. I need to call to make sure. Of course I am obsessing about it. I can’t really focus much on anything else. I am not all that uptight about it, I just have hard time thinking about anything else, so I am trying to stay busy and watch a lot of tv/videos to keep my mind busy. I have book club tonight, which I am discussion leader, and I have to get the awards ready for pack meeting next week before we go to the hospital. I didn’t plan the surgery around pack meeting. Oops, that would have been one less thing to stress out about if I had thought about it.
I took Daniel to the allergist because he got really itchy and red after eating some tollhouse refrigerator cookies with pecans in them. The allergist didn’t test him for pecans because he said it was a big enough response already since it was the first time he had ever eaten pecans and he didn’t want that kind of a reaction in the office. We now have an Epi Pen (one of the inject the thigh needle things if you have a huge reaction to an allergen) for him. He needs to not eat any kind of tree nuts. Peanuts are okay though because they grow in the ground. We assumed it was the nuts because we have had tons of other tollhouse cookies and I couldn’t figure out anything else it might be. We had the cookies for Faminy Home Evening Treat and he was itching before he went to bed so it didn’t take long for it to occur.

John has gone back to school happy and easily, miracle of miracles. He is running happily out to the bus. I wonder how he is going to react to Daniel’s surgery. He was really cute one day when Daniel was running a fever. You know how he always says he is sick, well, he was telling me he was sick but he wasn’t and Daniel obviously was. I took John’s temperature and it was normal so I showed him and he was okay with it. Then I took Daniel’s temperature and it was 102 (he had strep) and showed it to John. He said, “Whose is that?” I said, “Daniel’s”. Daniel was laying on the couch with his head on the arm under a blanket. John leaned over and patted his head and said, “I’m so sorry you are sick.” Then, after getting dressed, he climbed under the blanket next to Daniel and cuddled with him to help him feel better. Daniel was pleased with the attention. I told John he didn’t really want to be that close to Daniel when he was sick, but John stayed until the bus came. (It was only for a couple of minutes.) John showed compassion and empathy. That is a big deal!

Both John and Daniel loved having Grandma and Grandpa here. My dad was really good with John. He and John became pretty good buds. When we went to Battleship Texas they hung out together. My dad gave John rides in his mobility cart. I had a little issue when we went there. I was keeping tabs on John while your Dad and Daniel climbed all over the place and Mark was exploring on his own. John decided he was done with the ship, but I only knew where my dad and John were. They just decided to leave. No one else knew where they were going. My dad hasn’t got a very good memory right now and John isn’t exactly someone you leave alone with an old man with memory problems. I had to run back to the ship from the turnstile and luckily, everyone was right there on deck. We headed back down the ramp to the gift shop and my dad and John were okay, but they sure gave me a fright. I was stuck at the turnstile going, I need to tell someone where we are but I can’t leave my dad and John alone. In the end, I hoped that while my dad picked up something at the gift shop they would be okay if I hurried. Phew! A moment of panic but everything was fine. I guess I get a little overprotective.

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