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Thursday, February 25, 2010

John Writes some stories

John is doing better now. We actually got through spelling homework pretty easily. He did have a little trouble last night with a worksheet that had a lot of writing. I have also been making him read with me. He reads one side of the pages of a book and I read the other. He doesn’t like it, but he is putting up with it. He keeps saying he wants to be the “storyteller”. I asked him what that means. He said, “You get a blank piece of paper…” I understood. He wrote a couple of stories last night on the computer. I typed the first one for him. He typed the second one himself. This is how it goes…


Once upon a time there was a hero named SuperJohn. SuperJohn is a fairy. And that’s why he’s a valentine giver. And so he ran out of arrows.

The end

He insisted on stapling his stories together so it would be a book. This is the second story that he typed himself.


Once upon a time, there was a superhero named SuperDaniel. SuperDaniel is a fairy. And that’s why he’s a valentine giver. And so he ran out of arrows.

The end

I hope it gives you the smile it gave me. I expected it would be something like that when he started typing. At least he is trying and it isn’t the three bears. That is what he told me a few days he ago he wanted to write. He was really happy with himself.

Daniel is doing great. He has quit wearing a hat everywhere. He is still a little self conscious about his haircut and scars but he is doing fine. I have almost gotten the glue out of his hair. Once that and the scabs are gone I will even out his hair. I am a little nervous about it for now. The scabs will probably be gone in the next week or so. He doesn’t like it when I wash his hair though. I think he is afraid it will hurt. Maybe it does…I don’t know. He says “ow, ow” when I gently wash his hair. I haven’t been scrubbing. I suppose that will stop soon as well. It isn’t a loud yell, just a quiet complaint.

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