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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Daniel got his first Charlie Horse

 Daniel got his first Charlie Horse a couple of nights ago. He has a cold that must cause an electrolite imbalance because Mark had the same thing happen a week ago.  I could tell Mark how to stretch your calf out to keep it from hurting. I tried to help Daniel with it by pushing on his toes, but he just moved his whole leg. He is walking around on his toes with his knees all bent funny like he is really sore from riding a horse. It looks hilarious. I am filling him up on Motrin, amoxicillin (for the strep) and cough and cold syrup and sending him off to school. He has missed way too much all ready. Part of my heart is saying ‘Poor baby’ and the other part is laughing at the strangeness of all his problems and how funny he is to watch walk. You have to keep your humor about you when things just keep happening. Daniel is handling it with his good nature. He is saying ow a lot though.

John has been doing great. I started reading Pinocchio to him for his minutes reading. He has been getting really bad grades because we haven’t done that part of his homework. We started out reading and Arthur book. That didn’t go over well, but we finished it and he was really proud of himself. Then I searched our house for a book that had short enough chapters and was relatively easy to read. I gave him a choice of about 3 books and he chose Pinocchio. (The original not the Disney.) I didn’t realize how appropriate that book was. It talks about being a good boy and bad boy and not going to school and a lot of stuff that John really has a hard time with. I didn’t do it on purpose, but I chose a book that goes right to the heart of a lot of John’s issues. I don’t know if he will learn from Pinocchio’s choices/mistakes, but it is worth a try. It might be inspiration. The oddest part is, he absolutely loves the book. I am not having any trouble getting him to sit next to me and read with me for ten minutes. It could be that it is part of the homework routine, but that just isn’t John. He fights about everything he hates to do, and he did fight the first four chapters, but now he is not fighting at all. It is really weird.

There is one other really weird thing John did this week. He sang a solo at churc. According to Robert, the chorister was asking for volunteers to sing the question parts of “He Sent His Son” and John volunteered and then he actually sang and Robert he could hear him way in the back of the room! I was astounded when he told me. He is having a really good couple of weeks.

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