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Thursday, March 25, 2010

IEP time

By Monday morning Daniel's foot was fine, so I didn't waste time in yet another doctor's office. I hate going to the doctor and spending hours there waiting to find out that nothing is wrong.

Everyone is back in school after spring break. Getting back into the routine went pretty well. John gave us a hard time with his spelling homework on Monday but that is normal. He hates all the writing. For some reason his teacher insists that he does the entire unite in one night. My older boys’ teachers let them either do it over a week or only assigned one or two activities. John and Daniel have to do them all! There are usually four pages of writing. John hates writing so spelling is the worst thing we have to deal with (except maybe church). I am trying to remember to do some of it over the weekend so it isn’t all in one day. That was inspiration, but unfortunately I got it the week before spring break. I haven’t had much of a chance to implement it to see if he will do work over the weekend. We’ll see how it goes this weekend.

We had Daniel's IEP meeting recently. As far as I can tell it went pretty well but after talking with a diagnostician (the person who sets up the meetings) from another school district I am not so sure. She said that her district is cutting out all team teaching and opting to have all the kids go to the learning support room to do their work. That just won't work with all children. Not only that, she said she had to "sell" it to the parents as a good thing and a step up. This is in a nearby school district so now I wonder if I was duped into Daniel not having the in class support he needs. He is getting less speech as well. I was told that he would be having more one on one time in the learning support classroom so he didn't need it. I feel a little guilty for having him get so much so I let it go for now. We will see if his speech continues to improve or if it stops growing. I can't get speech through my private insurance anymore so I have to depend on the school district to give him what he needs. It is hard to tell right now because he has missed so much school due to his surgery and illnesses.

I also had a meeting for John because they needed me to sign the okay for doing their required 3 year testing. The speech lady had plenty to say about where he is in that program and that he needed retesting. Especially since during the last tests he would not speak to anyone outside of our family. They had a hard time assessing how well he spoke and understood language when he refused to speak to them. Most of the rest of the testing won't be done because we all pretty well know that John is bright and is learning, he just hates showing what he knows. If you ask him questions he will answer, "I don't know," but then later he will demonstrate that he does know and was listening and learning. He is an enigma to us all.

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