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Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's Spring Break

Its spring break and everyone is home. We went to the Natural History and Science Museum. John and Daniel had a great time although by the end they were begging to go home. They loved the Chemistry section and the Dinosaurs but didn't much care for the Native American history section (which I loved). Daniel began begging to go home during that part. Then we did the weather forecast. John loved it. Unfortunately, the teleprompter went faster then he could read. You really have to spit those words out fast to get through the whole thing. Even Eric and Mark had trouble with it. John loves being on TV. We promised him to set up the video machine at home for him to use.

After the museum we went out to eat. Daniel stuffed himself. We all enjoyed our dinner. Then it was time for The Little Gym Karate. The boys were so tired. John refused to do anything and threw a fit. Daniel was enjoying himself until he stepped on the side of a mat and went down. He hurt his foot again. The next day I tried to get an appointment with his pediatrician and his orthopedic doctor and neither one had room so we ended up in the urgent care center. The nurse practitioner didn't find anything on the film but I will take him to the orthopedic doctor next week to be sure. I have twice had doctor's tell me the film looks clear only to have another doctor tell me otherwise. The first time it was a stupid or overworked doctor. The second, the x-rays were in the incorrect place so it didn't show up. That was more of the Daniel not telling the doctor the correct place that it hurt. He has such a high pain tolerance it is hard to tell with him when he had a broken bone or when something is seriously wrong.

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