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Thursday, March 4, 2010

We started Pinocchio

 John is doing well this week. He seems to have settled down from his spike in anger after Daniel went back to school. I am making him do homework every night and read. He does fight me, but he gets it done. Sometimes I have to do all the reading, but that is okay. We started Pinocchio last night. Much to my amazement that was the book he chose and even more amazing, he understood the first chapter. He thought it was funny. He read the narrative and I read the speaking parts. He thought wood talking was worth giggling about. Especially when I used a funny voice for it.

Daniel was doing great until he came down with strep yesterday. He tried to throw up in the morning after I got him ready for school. I thought he was just hyperventilating and told him to stop it. I thought better of it and took his temperature. It was at 100. Since Mark had been sick I wasn’t too uptight and though I would just keep him home and he would be better today but as the day wore on he started sounding like his tonsils were swelling. I called the doctor and they got him in. I figured if he didn’t have strep at least I would have a doctors note. He missed 25 days because of his surgery. I think I need to make sure he has a doctor’s note for every single day he has missed to make sure it is well documented. His doctor smiled when I told him he had missed so many days and said that the truancy stuff around here is a little stringent. (I agree.) When I told him I thought he sounded like strep he smiled and checked Daniel’s ears. When he looked at his throat he said, “Yep, its strep. We’ll test of course but I am pretty sure.” It was and now Daniel is home today for the 24 hours on medication. Will I ever get everyone well for a whole week?

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