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Thursday, April 22, 2010

I had one of those flip out weeks

April 14, 2010
I had one of those flip out weeks I have often. I think I am starting to function again today. Easter was horrible. Although I love General Conference, It is much nicer when no one is ill. We all went down like dominoes. It started on Thursday evening with Daniel. 12 hours later your dad and Mark were sick. 12 hours after that I was ill. 24 hours later Eric got sick. That was Sunday morning and then on Monday John came down with it. We were all wiped out. Mark, Daniel and John recovered pretty quickly. Rob and I had sugar problems because we couldn’t eat so it took quite a bit longer. Eric started eating to soon so he took a while as well. We are all recovered now but it was not a pleasant way to start the month. While I was still trying to get back from that, John brought home 2 parent homework assignments. A Lincoln costume for his living museum AND dress a paper doll in traditional clothing from our heritage. After telling him where we were from, he chose the traditional clothing of England. England? What are the traditional clothes of England? No-o-o he couldn’t chose Austria or German or even Scottish! He had to pick England!

So, I totally freaked out and couldn’t function at all because I was overwhelmed. I had pack meeting awards as well, which take up three days. I forgot a whole dens awards this time. Luckily, Rob noticed and I was able to run to the scout shop yesterday. It really messed up my schedule though.

John did his living museum thing today. His Lincoln costume turned out pretty good. I stressed out over it enough. The best thing is he actually stood up and did his report! He talked in front of the whole class and their parents!!!! Can you believe it? This was the kid who wouldn’t talk to anyone outside the family 2 years ago. His teachers said they were having a hard time getting him to write the report. (Duh it’s writing) But he did a great job. I was worried he wouldn’t wear the church shirt or the jacket or for that part any of the costume. I was worried he wouldn’t do the report, but he did great!

Daniel is doing fantastic. I couldn’t help him much with his homework last night because I was doing pack awards, but he pulled it out and kept bugging me until I made Mark help him. Every time Mark would try to do something else, Daniel would come to us for help. He was persistent and finished. It was a lot of writing and searching through a little booklet for the correct answers. I was really proud of him. He needed a lot of help but with Mark’s help and when I finished the awards and after pack meeting he was able to complete it.

John asked on the way home from pack meeting last night, “how many Saturday’s until Chris comes home?” After telling him, I asked him if he was excited about it. He was enthusiastic in his yes response. I told him and Daniel you would be going on a mission in June. Daniel seemed a tiny bit unhappy about it. I think he understands a little because of Paul.

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