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Friday, April 2, 2010

I miss Mark

Daniel had his Reading Restaurant yesterday at school. He had a little Chef Daniel hat and a license to read. He had been telling me all week that he was making a flower. There was a tissue paper flower at his spot. It was really cute. He is reading really well even thought he still has trouble with rhyming words. He kept reading make for take and she for he. After that he went to visit a friend with me. Daniel played Mario cart with the eighteen year old son that is home schooled. He had a great time.

Mark had band practice after school on Tuesday. I was sleeping and Eric was watching the boys, I thought.  I heard Daniel yelling for Mark all over the house and getting really angry. He came in my room and said, “Mom, can’t find Mark!” I said, “He isn’t home.” He said, “Where is he?” I said, “He had band today. Ask Eric.” He walked around the house yelling for Eric, but there was no response. He came into my room and plopped down on the bed and said with a sigh, “I miss Mark.” I asked him what he wanted and he answered (this is what cracks me up) “Sandwich.” I got up and made him one. I guess Mark has been making snacks for Daniel quite a bit. Eric had gone to get Mark from band which was why he couldn’t be found.

John has been doing pretty well. We had some trouble with Monday spelling homework but doing it over the weekend is helping although he doesn’t much like that either. He had to write a story with some of his spelling words.  This is what he dictated to me.  I typed it for him and we stapled it to his spelling workbook page.  He got a smiley face.  He says it is really funny.

Once upon a time there was a father who bought some carrots. Then he dropped the carrots. And someone stole them. And he said, “I hope it doesn’t crash!” And then he played catch with a baseball. And he used a speech bubble and he thought, “doesn’t it realize that this store is kind of crazy.” When he got home he got into the shower. And then he got bald. And every time he waits he’s losing more hair. The ground was about to shake because someone was digging a tunnel. And he said, “I need someone helping them.” And then he said, “it might be the fear of thunder.” And he quietly said, “Or is it?” And so he went into space and saw the Milky Way Galaxy.

The End

He read a chapter of Pinocchio to me last night. I was reading along and he said, “Stop! My turn.” Then after a while he told me to read when somebody talks. That left him with the majority of the reading. He learned a new word. Gendarmes. (French for police man). He couldn’t pronounce it at all the first time but the next time he came to it he hesitated for a second and then did just fine. He was really proud of himself. There are a lot of big words in the book and he reads them with little or no trouble. I try to define them as we go. He was puffed up about reading new words. He is also very much into Crystal Chronicles right now. He spends all his spare time playing it.

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