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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day

John and Daniel both gave me “recipe” books they made at school. Daniel’s recipe was:


From the kitchen of: Daniel Frame Family Enterprises


Mommy likes one scrambled egg. She likes chocolate. (Each kid had a note at the end of their recipes. Daniel’s was) I love my Mommy.

John’s recipe was a how to assignment. I mentioned it last week. It was:


Made by Chef: John Frame


¾ cups tomato sauce
4/5 cups of cheese
3 teaspoons salt
½ cups pepperoni


Roll the crust, then put tomato sauce, then put cheese, then put salt, then put pepperoni, then put the pizza in the oven for 20 minutes, then Enjoy!

He wrote a letter at the end. It said,

Dear Mom,

I love you mom.


Your secret brother

Too funny! I guess he hasn’t figured out relationships as well as I thought. He seems to get it then he does something like this and I just have to roll my eyes.

One more fun mother’s day story…

I was with John during church on Sunday. They were making things for mother’s day of course. One of the things was a paper that asked them to write down 2 things they liked about their mother. I was talking to a friend  telling her about Daniel’s MRI results when John asked me for help. I said, “Well…What do you like about me?” He answered, “Your fat!” I laughed.  My friend looked stunned then smiled. She said, “I see what you mean about his social language not being quite right.” I understood that John meant that I was squishy and cuddly and since I already know I am fat it doesn’t hurt when children point it out. It might if someone was derogatory about it, but I know John means no harm. He is just stating a fact. What makes it so funny is you expect kids of say 3 or 4 to say something like that. A 9 year old should know better, but it is John and he does not. I am still laughing about it. He can be just too cute.

Daniel has been doing the sweetest thing lately. Often, when he comes home from school, Mark is watching a video on TV (Stargate SG1) and Daniel wants to watch PBS kids so I send him in my room to watch. He used to destroy our bed every time he went in there. Your dad and I were getting really frustrated by sheets and blankets being torn off our bed all the time. Well…lately, after Daniel has been in there, the bed is made! I don’t make beds very often. I didn’t even know he could make a bed! It is really well done too! I keep wondering what happened. I have been telling him when he wants to watch TV in our room not to make a mess and I think I did one day a long time ago, I told him (and Mark, the two of them can really make a mess), with a sigh and rolling my eyes, “instead of destroying the bed, why don’t you try making it for a change.” I think it must have sunk in. Daniel is very proud of himself when he does it. He doesn’t come and tell us either. He keeps it a secret until we discover it ourselves. It has happened often enough that yesterday, after the maids came and made our bed, my husband had to ask who did it.

By the way, Daniel's latest MRI results were that the tumor had not grown at all over the last three months.  It might have even shrunk a couple of millimeters.  The radiologist said it was the same.  The neurosurgeion said he thought it had shrunk.  WOOHOO!!!  We will still have to watch it for at least another 5 years, but no growth for now is good news.  We don't have to do another MRI for six months!

May 6, 2010 John and Daniel are doing great

John and Daniel are doing great. When Daniel came home yesterday he had to clean because he saw the maid service cleaning, so he went and “cleaned” the bathtub. He was actually making a pretty good mess so I promised him he could take a bath after the cleaning ladies left. He was totally thrilled and had a great bath last night, except he got soap in his eyes. He was pretty upset about it, but we all thought he was just squealing and having fun. Chris finally noticed and went to him and found out the problem. I would have never noticed because he squeals so much when he is playing in water.

John wrote a recipe for pizza as a how to project. He did a fantastic job, but he wasn’t supposed to bring it home. His teacher called me and asked about it. Apparently, it is part of his Mother’s day gift. I look forward to seeing what he and Daniel made this year.