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Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 6, 2010 John and Daniel are doing great

John and Daniel are doing great. When Daniel came home yesterday he had to clean because he saw the maid service cleaning, so he went and “cleaned” the bathtub. He was actually making a pretty good mess so I promised him he could take a bath after the cleaning ladies left. He was totally thrilled and had a great bath last night, except he got soap in his eyes. He was pretty upset about it, but we all thought he was just squealing and having fun. Chris finally noticed and went to him and found out the problem. I would have never noticed because he squeals so much when he is playing in water.

John wrote a recipe for pizza as a how to project. He did a fantastic job, but he wasn’t supposed to bring it home. His teacher called me and asked about it. Apparently, it is part of his Mother’s day gift. I look forward to seeing what he and Daniel made this year.

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