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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daniel had an occupational therapy evaluation

Daniel had an occupational therapy evaluation. He is doing pretty well, but she did notice that his hands, especially his right hand, needs some work. His right hand was a good deal weaker then the left, which is kind of weird since he is right handed and the surgery and hemorrhaging was on the right side of his brain. You would think that his left side of the body would be the problem. She is also going to work on eye tracking. He actually tried to follow her pen without moving his head. That is the first time he ever understood what the doctors were asking him to do. He has ALWAYS turned his head. Maybe he always turned his head before because he couldn’t track without it. I thought it was because he didn’t understand what they wanted. Live and learn. The therapist said he doesn’t track to the right at all and of course his eyes don’t converge (go cross-eyed) when you get closer. That I knew. I just didn’t know it was important.

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