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Thursday, June 10, 2010

I pull and pull…hard I can-June 10, 2010

I took Daniel to a physical therapy evaluation. He is doing okay but he could use some therapy to help his strength and balance return to normal. He also walks with his feet turned out because he doesn’t have flexibility in his ankles. We get to work on that as well.

Funny Daniel story…

I returned home from picking up Chris and John was at the door. “The corn dogs are stuck!” My thoughts “?”. Upon entering I found the freezer door wide open and Daniel tugging at the box of corn dogs. I told them they needed to Mark or Eric to help but then tried to remove it myself. It really was stuck. Daniel said as I was pulling, “I pull (in his not quite able to pronounce “l”s way) and pull…hard I can. It not come out!” I have been laughing and laughing at his exasperated exclamation ever since. Just hearing something close to “as hard as I can” come out of his mouth has me smiling. It is so difficult to explain to people his speech difficulties and how astounding yet normal things like this are. He cracks me up.

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