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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things got a little crazy this week -May 29, 2010

Things got a little crazy this week and I forgot to write for two weeks! Now I am not sure if I will even remember the stories! Next Thursday is the last day of school so things will be a little weird. This whole week was filled with appointments, mostly dentists. Mark, John and Daniel had their dentist appointments. Mark only had one cavity! He has 2 or 3 for the past couple of years at every appointment. John and Eric (Eric’s was a couple of weeks ago) came up clean and Daniel has a filling that is cracking and needs replaced. We did well this time around. We won’t be spending hundreds of dollars like last time. After driving to Sugarland for John and Daniel’s appointments I came home and collapsed. I took them to Little Gym and then had a food storage meeting.

A silly (translate to annoying) thing that is going on has to do with insurance stuff. This is probably what caused the forgetfulness of Thursday. Shell has an insurance (that we didn’t know about until February) that supposedly pays for all cancer and cardiac treatments for their emplyees and dependents. For children the contract is with Texas Children’s.  The insurance company says that all of Daniel’s treatments related to cancer is supposed to be paid for by Shell, but the lady at Texas Children’s who does the administrating of this policy says only stuff that is billed from the oncology department is billed to Shell. So I am getting conflicting statements and what is sillier is who is saying what. The insurance company says everything is paid for including the neurosurgeon and any physical/occupational therapy or anything else that is required because of the cancer. (It is very low-grade and benign, but still a cancer.) So the insurance company is willing to pay whatever but and this is the kicker, the lady a Texas Children’s says that if the bill is not from oncology it is kicked out and sent to our primary healthcare provider and is not covered by Shell. Huh? Shell will pay but Texas Children’s won’t bill? What kind of crazy is that? What does Texas Children’s care who pays as long as they get paid? Usually, it is the insurance that is balking at paying. I am in an upside down insurance world. Of course, it is all about paper work and an understanding of the policy. Whatever…Texas Children’s told me to call the Human Resource department at Shell because I was confused, so I did. They did not know squat. Our (Rob's and mine) helper didn’t even know the insurance existed and only found what was written in the HR book. We didn’t know what that insurance was either by reading the book. So, after a couple of hours on the phone trying to figure this out, our helper person said she would put in a request to find out who the administrator of this policy was. It would take five days to figure out. The insurance company who I had been talking to, but didn’t know the name of the company because it is just a number called me back because she was looking into the issue. Caller ID told me it was something called Global Health… (Ran out of telephone space). It is Global Healthcare Solutions. I need to call back and tell HR the name. I’ll do that on Tuesday when they open up again.

One quick Daniel story, (only one because I have forgotten all the others for now.) Daniel found the magic cape, it has a bunch of stars and planets on it, and a magic wand. He picked up a little dinosaur and put it under the cape. I saw him at about this point. The night before we had been watching old home videos. We watched one with Chris and the incredible shrinking machine. I think that is why Daniel went searching for the cape. I asked Daniel if he was going to say “A La Peanut Butter Sandwiches”, that was what Chris had used on the tape. He said, “No,” then he swished the wand and said, in a Daniel not quite right way, “Abracadabra”, swished the wand and tapped the dinosaur in his hand. He looked at me puzzled and said, “It not disappear.” Then he tried it over and over all the while saying, “It not disappear.” Poor baby. I told him he had to put it in his pocket, which of course he didn’t have since he was wearing soccer shorts. He just looked mystified.

That reminded me of a recent Johnny story. He lost a tooth at school a couple of weeks ago at school. Of course, they always ask about the tooth fairy at school not knowing that I don’t do tooth fairy. John brought it home all excited, yet again. (We’ve been through this before.) I explained that Mom’s and Dad’s are tooth fairies and this Mom doesn’t do it. I even told him I would give him a quarter or two right then and there but I was not going to mess with teeth! He refused. Mark asked him what he expected to get. John said, “10 dollars!” We all laughed. I think he saw that in a video somewhere. I let him put his tooth under his pillow and of course nothing happened. It is hard to facilitate your children’s belief in magic and fairies demise. But I guess it has to happen sometimes. Better me then being teased at school. That is how I comforted myself about telling Paul about Santa. I actually did try to do the tooth fairy with Paul. I told him to put it in a glass of water on the bathroom sink. I went to replace the tooth with money but was totally grossed out! So much for the tooth fairy in our family. It is just too, ew, yucky, gross for me.

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