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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Daniel has started making my bed every day-July 1 2010

I am still trying to recover from all the appointments I rescheduled on top of other appointments. Tuesday I ended up triple booked. Argh! I had rescheduled my therapy appointment for noon. I had Daniel’s appointment at 10:30 which was cutting it close because I need to leave home at 11:15 in order to get to my appointment on time. It was overlapped but then I scheduled visiting teaching at 11:00. I thought Daniel’s morning appointment had been rescheduled to Wednesday but it was his afternoon appointment that had changed! At least I didn’t schedule that appointment over my allergy appointment. I really need to keep the calendar printed out. I really messed up this last week. I had my visiting teaching companion ask someone else to go with her and was a little late to my therapy appointment. It all worked out somehow and now I have my schedule more set in place so I won’t do that again any time soon. I am glad I went to the airport with Chris even though I rescheduled all my appointments on top of each other.

Eric is doing just about nothing right now. He does anything I ask him to because he says, “I’ve just been sitting around for the last 2 hours.” I think he is really bored. He doesn’t even get to fight with John because John is gone all day.

John is at summer school for half a day and then he goes to Ms. Suzette’s camp and gets home at about 4:30. He is learning to swim. Ms. Suzette said she threw him in the deep end yesterday and he was able to get to the edge. When we asked him about it he said he was drowning but I am sure she was watching him closely. He is getting there. I am really proud of him. Today he won’t be swimming though. It is raining too hard. They will go to Pump it UP or the other jumping place. He comes home really tired and wants to play on the computer all evening. He goes to bed pretty early for him because he is so tired. It is really great. He doesn’t even seem to have enough energy to fight much. He does get pretty upset if he doesn’t get the computer, but since Eric has it pretty much to himself all day long there aren’t really many fights. Just when John first gets home and the person wants to finish up what they were doing. That is usually Mark so-o-o since Mark is gone…no fights.

Daniel has started making my bed every day. John even calls it his chore and sometimes helps. DH went in the other day and Daniel had pulled all the blankets off and made a mess of things, (though are bed is usually pretty bad to start with) so DH complained. Daniel said, “I fix it,” in calm, quiet voice. DH let out an exasperated sigh. “I don’t want you to mess it up in the first place!” DH is frustrated. I send Daniel in our room to watch TV so I can listen to the radio or watch a DVD while I work. So our bed is getting made every day. It is really sweet and kind of nice.

We had the missionaries over for dinner on Tuesday. John cuddled right up to them. We tried to explain that they were doing what his big brothers are doing but I don’t think it really sunk in to either John or Daniel. We’ll keep trying. John just kept playing wheel of fortune with them and Daniel was … Daniel…walking around, spinning and singing things we couldn’t understand.

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