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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Eric missed a turn and ended up in Sealy-July 24, 2010

I had to rearrange a bunch of appointments so I could go with Chris to the airport. One appointment was suppose to be yesterday but I had double booked Daniel's OT appointment and my mammogram (don't worry, routine yearly which was fine). I couldn't keep all the times straight this week. I had Eric drop me off and take Daniel to the OT appointment in Katy, but Eric missed a turn and ended up in Sealy. Oops. He didn't have cell phone so when the OT place called me and told me they hadn't was pretty freaky for about 30 minutes. Eric finally turned around and came back. It was a good thing he went straight out I10, he can't reverse directions very well. I was worried he was driving up and down Katy streets all turned around and unable to find his way out. I was wondering if I should call the police and have them find my car and send him back to me. I was stuck at the doctors office. It all worked out after about an hour but I had to reschedule Daniel's appointment for this morning and he already had PT scheduled so we spent our whole morning there. I did remember to pray though.
Eric said the Daniel had a nice nap on the long drive.  Sealy is a good 40 minutes from our home.

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