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Friday, August 13, 2010

An Autistic Conversation

John is having a hard time now that big brother Paul is home and school is out. He and I are having big fights about using the toilet, AGAIN! I am so-o-o tired of that fight. I called his YCAP teacher this morning and she told me that if he messes his pants I need to ground him from everything and make him stay in his room all day long and then the next day he has to use the toilet before he gets anything. I went to warn him, but he had already gone in his pants, so he is in his room all day throwing a fit. We fought it out on Monday as well. I am not a good fighter, and I hate having power struggles with my kids, but this is one I have to win for his own good and for everyone who lives with him. Sigh, he was doing so well for so long and now he has regressed again. I guess Chris leaving on his mission and Paul coming home has messed him up a bit. Once school starts again it will be easier, I just have to be mean until then and every weekend after that. He has definitely made life more difficult for me.

Daniel is doing great! During church last Sunday he was sitting at the end of the family next to some other members. She told me he was singing Camptown Races all through sacrament meeting. She thought it was hilarious.

That reminds me of a John story that happened at church.  We were switching classes and waiting in the hall for the other class to leave.  John's friend from pre-school walked by.  He is on the spectrum somewhere also but his parents haven't had him tested, just everyone who knows him recognizes that something is up.  Anyway, John said, "It's nice to see you, Noah."  Noah went to his mom who was standing nearby and said something to her.  I told John to try again because I didn't think Noah heard him.  Noah said that he had at the same time John was repeating himself, neither noticing that the other was talkin.  Then John said, "Can I come over sometime?"  Noah said, "Sure!"  I said, "I think we need to ask your mom first!"  His mom had gone on down the hall to somewhere else so John and Noah continued their conversation.  John showed Noah the picture he drew earlier of a computer screen and said, "This is Windows 7."  Noah said, "I have an x-box."  John said, "I drew a computer."  Noah said, "I play violent games."  John said, "I have a computer at home."  After I told Noah that we didn't allow John to play violet games, he said, "My dad watches me."  The he and John continued talking at each other...John talking about computers and Noah talking about x-box.  I found this obviously autistic exchange amusing.  They were both standing there looking at each other and taking turns talking but neither one of them was interested in what the other was saying.

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