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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The first day of school

John is doing pretty well. The first day of school he didn’t do anything according to his teacher, but I haven’t heard anything since then. At home, other then a few outbursts, he has been doing well. We had a huge fight about using the toilet, and he has been doing really well since then. He doesn’t want to loose all his video games and the computer for 24 hours again. He has to earn them each day by using the toilet. So far, so good. He and Daniel both had a rough day on Friday. They were up really late the night before because we had visitors. My fault, so I gave them a little leeway. Unfortunately, Mark and Eric were up late for the football game as well. I was really glad they all went to school that day. It would have been a grump-fest had they been home. I sent them all to bed early on Friday night. None of them protested.

Daniel is doing fabulously as always. He keeps going in my room to watch TV and destroying my bed, but other then that he is a sweetheart. He loved on Rory (his cousin). She was a little surprised, but the big surprise was that she could call him by name by the time they left (she is almost 2). She took the toileting doll with her. One toy out of the house and about a million to go.

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