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Saturday, August 7, 2010

a “picnic” on the stair landing

John is home now and enjoying his freedom from school. He has been in a pretty good mood, too. We haven’t had a ton of fights. Just a couple. He’ll get grumpier as when he is not in school for a longer period time. As much as he hates going to school, the schedule really helps him.

Last night, I ended up being having to take John and Daniel with me to drop Mark off at band. There was a young man walking with a cooler down the road. I said, “That looks a like a band person.”  I figured Mark might know him so I asked. Mark said he did, so I forced Mark to ask him if he wanted a ride. The kid, named Alan, accepted. John asked Alan if he was coming for a sleepover. John became sleepover obsessed. He has been sleeping in Eric’s bed while he was away at a Boy Scout high adventure campout. Mark found John in Daniel’s bed last night. They were having a sleepover. Mark chased John out but he ended up in Paul/Chris' bed (depending on who is home from college at the time). Eric shooed him from Paul’s bed to his own. Silly John.

Along the same line, we drove by the baseball field/park where the Jr. High concert in the Park takes place. John remembered that we had a picnic there last year. He started asking about having a picnic, repeatedly.  I had washed blankets some old blankets, so they were sitting on the stairs waiting to be put away. I had John grab one and he and Daniel had a “picnic” on the stair landing. We had eaten dinner before we left, so they ate chips.

Daniel is his cute chubby self. He is getting a little stronger every week and becoming more hyper along with it. We tried to explain about Paul (who has been on an LDS mission for the last 2 years) coming home this week during Family Home Evening. He didn’t seem to understand. We couldn’t find the airplane picture for the calendar, so we put up a car picture and the birthday party picture to show that we would be happy that Paul came home. Daniel seemed oblivious until Wednesday morning. When I got up he said, “Mom, Mom,” jumping up and down and pointing at the “today” card. I said, “What is happening, today?” He said, “Wednesday.” I said, “Yes, and what is happening on Wednesday.” He pointed to the car. I said, “And what does that mean?” He said, “Paul drive home! Sic o’clock!” (He did understand the FHE stuff!) He looked at the clock. It was 8:30. He said, “It sic o’clock?” I explained That six o'clock is when the big hand is on the 12 and the little hand is on the six.  Then I told him that it was the big hand on the six, not the little hand, but he didn’t really understand very well. He sort of understands time, but not quite. I was afraid he would be asking every time a half hour rolled around, but he did all right. We actually got home at about 4:30 so we never had the problem of reaching 6:00. We thought we would get stuck in traffic, but we didn’t.  It was wonderful to see my oldest son again.  Daniel and John have followed him around the house and tried to get his attention and play with him.  Paul has been great.  He really missed us.

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