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Sunday, August 1, 2010

July 11, 2010 Breath in, Breath out

John is doing well. He was supposed to give the opening prayer during church but refused. DH said he didn’t do very well in class. John and DH had a fight about the prayer but John stuck to his guns and refused. At the end of primary he had calmed down enough that he gave the closing prayer instead. I was proud of him for calming down. He sat next to Daniel and played. The Chorister told me that Daniel and John both sang wonderfully and that they almost new all the words to Come Follow Me. Daniel's teacher (She sits next to Daniel holding her baby grandson every week. It keeps Daniel calm to play with the baby.) told me a story about John. She said that the baby had gotten a little fussy so John came over (walked past Daniel) and told the baby that he needed to calm down and go to sleep. Then John proceeded to pat and rub the babies back and sing a song from Sid the Science kid, Breath in, Breath out. I tell John to do that when he is really angry to help him calm down. I don’t usually sing it, but the words are the same. Daniel’s teacher said it was really cute.

As for Daniel, he is his happy self. He did physical therapy this week. The new therapist loved working with him. She called him cute and a very willing worker. She teaches the music in primary so she doesn’t get a lot of one on one with Daniel. It is amazing how Daniel affects everyone who works with him. As Paul said a couple of weeks ago…How can you not love Daniel! Paul said Daniel hasn’t changed at all. Other then being bigger, slightly (very slightly) more cautious and knowing bigger words he is pretty much the same as he was when Paul left.

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