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Sunday, August 1, 2010

July 29, 2010 I played a short game with John and Daniel

I played a short game with John and Daniel. I closed my eyes and asked them if I could see them. They both said no. That means they understand that other people don’t see the same things they do. That is a big step. I had them close their eyes and said that my eyes were open. Could I see them? They both said yes. Wohoo! It is a step toward them understanding that we are separate people and see and think differently. It is something Autistic people have a hard time understanding. Later on Daniel closed his eyes, lay back in the recliner seat and hid his head behind the couch. I told him again my eyes were open. “Can mommy see you?” He answered, “No.” Oh well. Not completely there yet. I laughed and said, “Yes I can! I can see your purple shorts!” (He was wearing the Fielder PE shorts.) He said with annoyance, “Will you please stop it.” That is his favorite phrase lately. He says it a lot.

John is at summer school. He is having (according to his own report) bad days. His YCAP teacher is on vacation so he is pushing the limits to see what he can get away with. I think of it as a foreshadowing of things to come. I hope they can find someone who can handle him.

Daniel is bored out of his mind but enjoying PBS kids and Qubo. He is doing great at OT. His OT is retesting him now that she understands him a little better and can communicate what she needs from him better and he has made big strides. His hand strength, balance, grip and eye tracking are much better. He is still struggling with the tracking though. That is where you put your finger up and have his eyes follow it without moving your head. You have to hold his head, but he can do it a little. He looses focus a lot though. He can’t do it without someone holding his head though. Poor baby. I think learning this skill and strengthening those muscles will make reading a lot easier. I always thought he just didn’t understand what the doctor wanted but now I know now he really hasn’t been able to do the task. I feel a little guilty for not picking up on it, but I also realize that it was his disability with language that masked it so I don’t feel terrible about it.

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