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Monday, September 20, 2010

Hunting Flies

Eric and Daniel were hunting flies last night. We have a fly problem in our house. We do not know where they are coming from but suspect it is from the dead mice in the attic. We had a mouse problem during the summer but after putting out traps and bait, I think we got them. Problem is, no one wants to go searching for them and throwing them away. So now we have 8-10 flies a day to kill. Anyway, Daniel loved tracking down those flies, telling Eric and then watching Eric try to kill them. Eric had 2 DVD cases he was trying to smash the flies with. When he got one, Daniel would hand Eric some toilet paper to pick up the dead fly and flush it down the toilet. Daniel kept getting way too much toilet paper. The shine and Daniel’s eyes as he watched his big brother hunt flies was hilarious. They were having a blast though I think Eric got a little tired of it.

John is getting a little better at school. (And when I say a little better, I mean a very little better.) Suzette came over last Monday and had him do his homework. I have never seen John work so diligently. He did his entire spelling homework (all three pages) without a peep. It is usually a huge fight and maybe even hand over hand to get him to do one exercise let alone 3 pages worth. He has been doing a bunch of catch up work for homework this last week. It really hasn’t been too bad. At first he fights me while I try to help Daniel with his homework, but once I can focus just on John and then DH comes home, John gets busy. It helps that he doesn’t want to miss Wheel of Fortune or Wipe Out. He hasn’t figured out that if he works hard he will have a lot more time on the computer because Mark and Eric are still at band. That doesn’t seem to click yet.

Daniel still has a huge runny nose but I took him to the doctor Thursday and he is now on antibiotics and prescription strength decongestant. His mustache is beginning to clear up, but that may change as he licks when he writes so being in school makes it worse.

We are still trying to figure out a baptism date and time. It may need to wait until November, but I don’t think that is a big deal for John and Daniel. Too baptize or not too baptize…that is the question. It doesn’t really matter for them. They are both under the protections of the atonement no matter what.

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