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Monday, September 20, 2010

September 12, 2010-What do I do with John?

I have had a stressful couple of weeks.  John is giving the school a run for their money and I have been busy shooting off e-mails to them, Suzette, Audrey (Suzette’s boss) and John’s psychiatrist trying to figure out how to help him.  That has been keeping me very busy. 

What do I do with John? He is as non-compliant as ever. He was grounded from the computers and video games four days last week for not using the toilet and as mentioned earlier the school is having an impossible time. He is also as sweet as ever and loving as ever and cute as ever. I suppose I will continue to pray for inspiration. It is the only way to parent him. Oh-John story from school-Some time last week he had a really bad day and told the teachers he didn’t want to be in third grade. He was missing Daniel and wanted to be in second grade with him. A friend of mine told me her son, Abram said (isn’t this rumor now?) John had a really bad day and was running out of class. That is the problems they are having with him…running/leaving class, refusing to work…same ol same ol.

Daniel has been doing really well. He has a cold for the moment so he has his red mustache and a horrible case of the sniffles, but other then that he is his fine happy self. Occupational therapy and physical therapy has really brought his sparkle back. I thought the surgery had changed him, but it turns out he just didn’t have the strength and energy from before. He is dancing around and singing and playing like is old self now. I didn’t know how much I missed that until it was back. I was told a story from school about Daniel as well…The teacher said there was a math problem on the board that no-one could solve, so Daniel got up and solved it. The class all cheered and clapped for him and she said he was beaming. That is one thing Daniel is just like all his brothers (including John), he is a math genius. He had a great birthday as well. Just family stuff, I can’t seem to get myself to do a party for him. Don’t know why, just too lazy I guess. We (another family and us) are trying to figure out a baptism date for him, John, and Cade. The stake date is October 9th but that is ShacJam (big scout party for the 100 years of scouting) as well as a Marching contest and a football game which Jessica, Mark and Eric all have to attend. The Martinez’s have family coming in that weekend, so we are trying to figure out how to do this.
So, life is as crazy here as ever.

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