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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

we practiced getting baptized

Last night we practiced getting baptized by immersion in the bathtub.  We dunked John and Daniel.  It isn't official.  We didn't do the prayer and there were no official witnesses.  We just wanted to see if they would actually go under the water.  John and Daniel’s baptism is on the October 9th, the same day as the SHACJam.  John is terrified of water and we have struggled to have him get anywhere near water.  He tried to run from us, but we got him undressed and standing in the bathtub, clining to his dad.  After a while, we had him sit down.  He has not sat in a bathtub since he would no longer fit in the baby tub.  Then his dad pulled him to a standing position and John clung to him.  Eventually he let us get him under the water.  Then he said he was very brave.  He will need to be very brave on Saturday as well.  I will be praying for that this week. Daniel did fine.  He was a little uptight, but he came out smiling.

ShacJam is the Boy Scout council’s big 100th anniversary of scouting party. They are going to try to make a new Guinness Record by shooting off a whole bunch of model rockets. Your dad made them for John and Daniel. Daniel was really excited about his, but your dad didn’t want them messing it up. If they can find the rockets when they come down they will send them back to us. We decided it wasn’t a good day for us to go with the baptism, marching contest and all.

John is doing pretty well. He earned Kirby’s Air ride and is now a pain because he won’t do anything other then play the game. That will dissipate in a few days though. You dad and I went to his parent/teacher conference last Friday. He is still running out the room and screaming, but he is getting work done now. Suzette went to the school and had them change a few things. The 1st thing is he doesn’t switch class rooms first thing in the morning. I have never understood they have the kids spend 15-20 minutes in the class then switch to the other class and then switch back at lunch. I always wondered why they didn’t just keep you in the first class until lunch and then switch. It makes no sense to me to waste time switching classes first thing in the morning. The school did this when my older boys attended.  John doesn’t do well with a transition that close to arriving at school so he is just staying in the class. It is better for him to do the stuff he hates (reading and writing) in the morning and math in the afternoon. He also has his own desk a little away from the other kids next to the table were the special Ed teacher is. That way she can keep a closer eye on him and if he is having trouble moving to the other class, there isn’t a student standing around waiting for him to move. The also give him small stickers as a reward to put on problems he doesn’t want to do. He earns them by good behavior and other stuff like that. I can’t think of a better reward system for John. Doing work to get out of work is a great thing for him.

Daniel is still bouncing around as he always does. He and John have been getting along great lately. They have been doing a lot of playing together. They have a similar sense of humor and love doing the same jokes over and over. I.e. John goes to the bathroom and Daniel walks in on him over and over and over again and they both laugh hysterically over and over and over again. It has become part of the morning routine around here. Magic School Bus is now on Qubo and the Cat in the Hat is on PBS. They are the new favorite shows. Daniel is struggling in his schoolwork though. He brought home paper he did that was filling in the blanks with words. Almost all of them were wrong, but they all made sense in the way Daniel speaks. I was doing spelling with him and had a fill in the blank. It said, “Jack__________a red shirt to school.” Or something near that. Daniel’s answer was “need”. The actual word was “wore”, but the way Daniel’s speaks, need works as well. The words are always in a word bank. We skipped that one and came back after we used need in another problem. The only reason he was able to do it was because I was there to guide him. When he is on his own…I guess I am a bit worried about his language skills and school work. What do we do as things get more complicated? Remediation isn’t going to help much in this situation.

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